hCG Diet Tag Fall 2012 – About hCGChica

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19 thoughts on “hCG Diet Tag Fall 2012 – About hCGChica

  1. Thank you for sharing – it’s great to learn a little more about you. I have
    friends and family that have had success with Weight Watchers, but for me,
    it seemed like tooooo much math :).

  2. It was good to learn more about you! My husband has an autoimmune issue –
    called Retropereneal fibrosis. He is wanting to do a round with me but not
    sure how he will react w/ HCG.

  3. I have a beautiful faux on my dining room walls (I’m sure it can be seen in
    some of my old vlogs). It’s a stain/glaze and when they applied it they
    used what looked like huge saran wrap on the wet glaze. It’s amazing and I
    always get compliments on it. I never thought of this as a meeting, but I
    guess this medium, strange as it is, is sort of like a meeting on our own
    time, at our own pace, and at interactive or not as we choose it to be.

  4. Wonderful sharing! Great Tag Pretty Lady! Always great to learn more and
    more about you! Btw..thanks for answering my question on earlier vlog… I
    had always calculated where I land using a 20 lb window for good fat to
    carry and then a few more for skin issues..so that was great to be on the
    same page of where I thought. You have had a great journey with abundant
    info to share! I feel so much better without much sugar..gluten! Love ya!
    Life changes are great! XOXOXO

  5. Thank you for sharing, its been great getting to know you more. I really
    appreciate your presence in this community as well as the knowledge you
    have bestowed upon us. Thank you for all that you do for us 🙂 xoxox

  6. Aww thank you! That is very sweet to say. I don’t really know that much but
    I like to share what I’ve experience or researched- I myself have been
    helped by many here too.

  7. Aww thanks! It is fun learning about each other aside from HCG. Well good
    then re both of us being on target with what’s a normal amount of fat. I
    didn’t really know until the hydro technician told me that. I’d like to
    further research it myself too. Yes it’s neat when the life changes have
    been long enough to finally see the huge difference it’s made when you try
    to go back and see how bad it feels! hugs to you!

  8. Oh cool! I love faux finishing. I had every room in our old home covered
    with some type of finish on it, including the ceilings of 3 rooms. We’re
    renting now so I’ll stick to furniture now I guess. :)- I really do feel
    like talking on vlogs, commenting and getting comments is like a meeting of
    sorts- it’s communication to keep us going on the diet- at least for me- I
    don’t tell to many in my own personal life about the diet, so I find this

  9. Wow I have never heard of that condition. There are so many autoimmune
    conditions out there and it’s amazing how prevalent it has become in the
    past 10 years. It is hard sometimes to consider putting something new in
    your body for fear of the reaction.

  10. Yes, it didn’t seem to work too well for me. But I’m glad for those it has
    worked for, and I’m glad I found something that worked for me! :)-

  11. I’ve heard tell of it possibly- I can’t remember exactly what is was about
    at the moment though- I may have to look up again. I’ve definitely
    discovered for myself that as long as I stay away from grains I can be
    pretty free with what I eat in general.

  12. U really look amazing! Ur glowing & radiant. Not withdrawn or sickly like
    our hater keeps posting! I agree that all of us that have completed our
    journeys need to keep on vlogging to be the voice of TRUTH for those
    looking for HOPE. 40 pound backpacks definitely would not be fun! lol Ur a
    strong woman! That was very interesting about the Vit D. I have not heard
    of that before. My cousin has a disease where she is allergic to sunlight.
    Reynolds? I believe. HUGS & LOVE!!!

  13. It’s great to learn more about you! It’s wonderful that you are a stay at
    home mom! after working 14years at my job i gave it up to have more time
    with my kids best thing i have ever done! Wow i would have been scared to
    be up that high painting! you look great!

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