HCG Diet: Sublingual dosing FAQ

I answer FAQ’s about hcg sublingual dosing. For hcg protocol info. or mixing supplies: http://www.hcgdietmart.com/ Need to buy RX HCG? Enter the invitation c…

25 thoughts on “HCG Diet: Sublingual dosing FAQ

  1. @HCGAimee I use the NOW brand…not sure if there is one brand that is any
    better than the other. Sometimes vitamins take awhile for you to notice any

  2. @BELLAKARA50 I’m not exercising right now…I go back and forth on that
    lol. I do have loose skin, but that is just me. Loose skin can happen to
    anyone and it depends on several factors: age, genetics, skin elasticity
    etc. I have it on my stomache and thighs. I have seen many lose as much as
    me or even more without any issues…so again, its different for everyone.

  3. @mamaclok But if I dose half of what I normally do since my HCG is double
    diluted, wouldn’t I be getting all that much less of the HCG? I should have
    mixed my next batch 3 days ago, but I’m still using this diluted batch
    anyway. Thanks for the info on the rubber stopper problem. I didn’t know
    about injecting air into the vial before I sucked it out. Should I continue
    to use my diluted batch until I get hungry on it? Isn’t that how you tell
    if it’s no longer potent?

  4. @l55centaur oops! I guess I meant to say DOUBLE your dose if its double the
    b12-so sorry to confuse you! Yes-you will become hungry & weak if your hcg
    isnt working.

  5. @jennerial You’re right! I dont believe in homeopathic drops! I dont offer
    those at all. I sell “mixing kits” to mix with real hcg – the mixture is
    adding silver + b12 to your own hcg that you have to buy from an online
    pharmacy service.

  6. @tiguan57 Premixed hcg needs to be stored in the fridge (even before
    mixing) and you need to minus 1ml or 2ml (however much is added in there)
    from your sublingual recipe.

  7. oh thank goodness. i’m glad you did this. just another reason to refer
    subling folks to your channel 🙂 loveya!

  8. @shanman357 Its up to you. After I’m done with the hcg absorption under the
    tongue, I swallow the mixture since I want the benefits of the vitamins
    that I mix the hcg with.

  9. @loseit4ever I would use my site instead of the ebay store-as there is more
    info for someone starting out on there…its at hcgdietmart (dot) com.

  10. Hello, I have started HCG. When I put it under my tongue, how long shall
    hold it there. Shall I also take B12 separately? I am a bit scared being on
    a 500 cal diet. I have ordered from GFC Health Products.

  11. Hi mamaclok, i have a question about phase 3, the maintenance phase. In
    Kevin Trudeau’s book he says to do the maintenance for 3 weeks which is to
    reset the hypothalamus, but i have to take a 6 week break before starting
    Round 2. so what do i do with the remaining 3 weeks before round 2? do i
    stay on maintenance (no sugar/starch)? or can I start to introduce sugars
    and starches? and also, on phase 2 do you eat organic fruit, veggies, and
    meat? I find it getting pretty expensive!

  12. Question…I’m on doctor prescribed iron for anemia (taken twice a day) and
    high blood pressure medicine(taken once a day), will the hcg still be
    effective? I read the pounds and iches carefully but i’m sure about the
    iron. I know that vitamins are allowed but not clear on iron intake. Can
    you point me in the right direction?

  13. hello and thank you for always being so informative and patient. my
    question is can i use a oral syringe without the needle, and will it affect
    the dosing. thanks in advance!

  14. @Nadine760 Its normal to feel this way EsPECIALLY on day 1 – its your body
    going through the detox that most of us have from not eating our normal
    sugars/carbs etc. Hang in there…after week 1 you should be feeling good.

  15. @mari41indubai Hi- I have direct links on my site hcgdietmart (dot) com on
    my FAQ page. ANy brand will work the same.

  16. I recommend the brands I use which can be found on my sites STORE page
    hcgdietmart (dot) com. Many b12’s old in stores have added sugars.

  17. Each 5000 iu amp makes 15 days worth of sublingual hcg doses soooo 3 amps =
    45 days.

  18. Hi I’m on day 6 500 cal but I have cravings (burger) do u think it’s okay
    to cheat then do an apple day tomorrow?

  19. First you need to order the HCG itself-instructions for that is on the FAQ
    page on the site. If you want to take hcg orally, you will need one
    subingual mixing kit. Instructions on how to mix the hcg for drops can also
    be found on the FAQ page.

  20. Taking drops 3x per day is most likely homeopathic hcg. I did not use that,
    I used real hcg which has to be mixed up yourself and its red since I mixed
    mine with b12 (which is red) and colloidal silver.

  21. Hi Mamaclok…I got my mixing kit from you for sublingual use..thank you so
    much..it came super fast…im on my first day… ready to start the gorge
    days…can i eat and drink regularly or no sodas or juice…or on gorge
    days just water and tea..

  22. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I already placed my order for 2 vials
    of 10,000iu before I received your reply. Can I still use them
    sublingually? I just tracked the order and it is due to arrive to my home
    in a day or two. If I can still use them sublingually can you please tell
    me how to mix them with the started kit that I ordered from your website?
    Thanks so much.

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