HCG Diet Side Effects – What To Expect

The HCG diet protocol is often cited as having no side effects, which is untrue. Side effects are common. Most of them should disappear within the first week…

17 thoughts on “HCG Diet Side Effects – What To Expect

  1. When people take the 10,000 IUs for infertility, they do it with an IM 1
    1/2″ needle, so that can cause “pain at the injection site.” Much different
    from the tiny Insulin syringe used for the HCG Diet when doing the 125 IUs.

  2. I use the 1.25″ 27gauge needles for IM use with HCG 125 IU daily. Every now
    and then I get a tiny bit of pain at injection site, but nothing serious or
    anything that would scare me out of doing the protocol! insulin syringes
    pretty much have nothing! i just prefer intramuscular!

  3. @Froggymomma100 my wife used the needle its not so bad she was 245lbs now
    shes mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 180lbs shes going on her last round . i told that women
    daddy don’t need a stick figure good luck you can do it.

  4. How do I deal with the heavy menstrual flow that HCG causes? I did not take
    it during those days as Dr. Simeons protocol states not to do. It seems
    that Hcg would put me at a higher risk of ovarian cancer with this type of
    side effect.

  5. Yeah, i don’t think many of the sellers actually cited all the
    side-effects. But it doesn’t seem dangerous to me. I guess as long as I
    don’t grow another hand, I’m ok 🙂 Ryan, Utah

  6. This is comical….obesity causes MORE symptoms. My husband and I have been
    on the diet since 5/13 and he’s lost 32 lbs. and I’ve lost 20. We take
    Homeopathic HCG drops. Our pharmacist even did the diet & lost weight! My
    parents (in their early 60’s) are starting next week. Do not wait another
    day being fat. Take control of your diet. And feel good! The drops do
    work!!! 🙂 (stage3c cc survivor at age 34)

  7. @Laniemarie427 …and my ONCOLOGIST was happy to hear about the diet & said
    that it does sound like the ultimate cancer prevention diet. She did not
    feel there is any danger to taking the HCG drops. She sounded very
    interested in my weight loss. And btw…we have not had any side effects!
    (well, only constipation….but we use Miralax & Konsyl daily) 🙂

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