hCG Diet Reviews – 100lb Weight Loss and 16 Inches Off her Waist! – Episode 7

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18 thoughts on “hCG Diet Reviews – 100lb Weight Loss and 16 Inches Off her Waist! – Episode 7

  1. Great addition to your collection. Thank you! B is an hcg superstar. She
    takes her protocol very seriously, yet always maintains her sense of humor,
    especially about herself! Cheryl

  2. As Always……..AWESOME INTERVIEW!!!!! So wonderful to hear from all you
    guys that have been doing this for awhile and have had such great
    success!!!!!!! I had no idea Bea had lost 100lbs FANTASTIC and VERY
    INFORMATIVE!!!!!! Thank You Ladies!!!!!

  3. I’m SOOOO Happy to know about the glycogen stores…….EXPLAINS soooo
    much!!!!! My last round I was depleted and had NO IDEA!!!!!

  4. These interviews are so motivating, thank you so much for doing this,
    Chica!!! Chiasm is one of my favorite gals to watch 🙂 This is awesome!!

  5. It’s good to hear about how exactly your doing it B/Chi. I am so happy for
    you on all of it!!

  6. hands down such a GREAT interview:) this is motivating me to start my round
    in July:) I can’t wait:) love the hcg community:)

  7. Is B canadian:)? seen her drinking from a Tim Hortons cup:) Where is she
    from:) ?

  8. Thanks so much! Chiasm and I had traded some comments previously on her
    vlogs about the glycogen thing and it is something that really needed to be
    brought out to hcgers and especially the ones who cycle and never do P4
    ’til their journey’s end. They had no idea that could occur and cause their
    weight to stabililze higher in P4, no matter how well they stabilized in

  9. Another great interview Miss Chica!!!! I love B! Her weight loss is amazing
    🙂 She is one of my favs here…she just amazes me!

  10. yup… i’m a canuck. i’m on the east coast in Moncton, New Brusnwick. we
    have more tim’s here per capita than anywhere.

  11. hehehe i am and always will be nothing more than a big goof… and a hoodie
    & chuck t wearing filthy little punk at heart. 😉

  12. why thank you sweetie. i’ve been really enjoying your videos as well.

  13. why thank you lady! it’s not always easy being so restrictive… but it
    works for me. hope you have another great round.

  14. This video taught me a lot about dosing. For example, I really messed up!
    I’ve been on 150iu and hungry. Today I increased to 175. DUH! I’ll probably
    drop tomorrow to 125. Hope that rollercoaster doesn’t effect me too bad!

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