hCG Diet- Reflections on Why I Eat So Much- re Weightloss Apocalypse

I thought I’d talk a little about some of the reasons I came up with for why I eat such large amounts of food and why I let myself get overly-full. Full Arti…

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  1. I loved this video hcgchica… I think your right a lot of it has to do
    with the power of the mind. I think its great that you have the knowledge
    of what may be going on instead of a denial state. Im proud of you!

  2. I knew you would love the XFIT I have not met anyone who doesn’t! They are
    a lot like the HCG community! Like a big family and so supportive! I hop
    you tackle your eating issues. Much like you I have that same problem! Were
    you raised to finish your plate? Or anything like that? That seems to be
    what the deal is for me. but I am learning every day and more so in my P3
    coming up in a few weeks. Lots of luck to you OH and you muscles ROCK!!
    Wait for the legs!! My thighs were awesome!

  3. Nice to see you Chica, I know what you mean about having differculty eating
    a little bit till your not hungry. It’s like only eating one cookie out the
    pack,,,impossible! I think the fasting thing works for me coz First I think
    the body starts burning some of my own fat during that time and second the
    hungry feeling is more powerful when you are allowed to eat so you can stop
    eating quicker.Normally our cue for hunger is a weak signal so we ignore it
    and eat for enjoyment? Sally x

  4. I’m the same way with food…it’s all or nothing:( I wish I had an answer
    for you. I haven’t read Robin’s book yet, getting it this weekend~hopefully
    this will give us some insight:) Your arms look great…keep up the good

  5. Thanks for sharing. Great info as usual!! I luv the Apocolypse book! I also
    think it is really important to read Mastering Leptin to incorporate his
    eating plan as well. They do go hand in hand and I think that is essential
    to anyone that can tend to overheat to rule out the possibility that your
    body is lacking something and trying to get it from somewhere. I did the
    breakfast rule for 2 weeks before I started this round and I felt fabulous!
    So satisfied and hormonally balanced. It was amazing

  6. Great info girlie! I feel like you’d do best with pre-portioned food, I
    know I do! It’s almost like if I’m going to eat, then I want it ALL no
    matter what the amount. At least that way you can eat all of whatever
    you’re having lol. Love your insight, I think it makes sense that eating
    especially for you probably does make you feel better and give you that
    energy you need with your thyroid condition. I’m glad you found a way to
    maintain. You look amazing btw!!! 🙂

  7. Great Update! I went through some of those very same emotions when I was
    first hit with my MS and it really took time to restructure my life and
    except the new limitations instead of feeling the worry that other might
    perceive me as lazy. Patterns developed that I didn’t even see. I am still
    learning them… lol XOXO

  8. Very insightful v log! I can definitely relate to wanting to eat what’s on
    my plate or eating “more” food than what I should. I’m working on trying to
    figure out the “why”s like you. I think it will take some time. I think
    Stepharoos’ advice of portioning out food is a smart thing to try. Glad so
    many are thinking thru all this and sharing!! I can see your arm
    definition!! Woohoo!! Glad you are maintaining!! You look great!

  9. I am the same way with food. I am not driven to eat in an emotion, but I am
    loath to let go of my freedom to eat for enjoyment. It’s not like I am
    reliving a negative experience before or while I’m eating. Your
    interpretation makes sense. We all have different reasons. I’ve structured
    my happiness around unrestricted eating because I’ve been resticted since
    childhood and was taught fat is discusting. Thanks for sharing your story!
    So excited about all of our emotional and mental journeys!

  10. Good realizations. The medications you are taking definitely has an effect
    on hunger levels. You are eating quality foods which is wonderful! Quantity
    is hard for a lot of us… I am in the process of learning how to stop
    eating when satisfied, and not let 2/3 of the food left on my plate stare
    back at me with sad “eat me!” eyes. Haha… It takes time and practice, we
    will get there, chic. Hugs

  11. That was a really thoughtful vlog. I wanted it to go on and on! I really
    appreciated your self-reflection. It takes a lot of guts to be so honest. I
    admire you so much for that. Feel free to ignore this . . .A couple things
    that helped me with overeating . . . I would imagine before I eat how
    uncomfortable I will be if I eat too much. That was really motivating
    because I don’t like it when my stomach hurts. The other thing was
    realizing that when I go to restaurants,

  12. (con’t) I get served WAY more food than I would ever eat at home. So I ask
    for a To Go container at the beginning of the meal and put everything
    inside except for the portion I choose to eat at dinner. Just some
    thoughts. Thanks again for your insightful thoughts today.

  13. Great vlog hon. I’m glad your shared your experience with “eating” and some
    of the triggers you feel that cause you to want more food. I love to hear
    everyones story. I am like you…I do like to eat…and probably eat too
    much. I have really tried to listen to my body and stop when I’m
    satisfied…it does take time to re-train ourselves. I find if I really
    take my time…eat slowly…enjoy each bite…it really helps. Baby
    steps…we’re all a work in progress 🙂 Love ya! Laurie

  14. Sharing your experience and insights on your eating helps us look into our
    own reasons for eating. I’ve been resisting reading Robyn’s book. I’m not
    sure why. I think I might be in denial about my issues with food. And what
    I am doing is working for me. And I just don’t want to jinx it.

  15. I am also a stay at home mom and I am exactly like you …everything you
    just said is me …when I eat I want to eat it all even when im full….I
    wonder why we do that ? huh….but I understand exactly were you are
    comming from..

  16. @eljohnson100 Isn’t that funny? It’s funny it’s been over a month now since
    this vlog and I’m feeling a little better lately in regards to that- I got
    some chickens and they seem to be taking up more of my interest which gives
    me less time to eat lol- well I’m glad i’m not alone and you don’t feel
    alone either- love food!

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