hCG Diet Recipe – Yummy Strawberry Vanilla Cream Popsicles

http://gabrieljoseph.com – This recipe rocks! It’s such a yummy hcg diet treat! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! What’s better, the entire recipe is …

25 thoughts on “hCG Diet Recipe – Yummy Strawberry Vanilla Cream Popsicles

  1. awesome! i made a frozen orange and mint-cicle and that vanilla creme , i
    will have to try the strawberries. add some fresh mint to this and it would
    be nice!

  2. @ohbrandyjune Thx! I have to agree with you. They are adorable… how did
    the popsicles turn out for you?

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  4. Have u ever tried the frozen fruits & spinach combo? Add some ground lin
    seeds and about 1 cup bottled water. VOILA. It’ll stuff ya :))

  5. PS: Drink this shake with a large straw. It just makes it better :))
    BTW…your kitchen is lovely. And so are the children!

  6. Sorry…I’m really considering doing the diet. What site did u order from?
    Any tips? How did u feel on the diet?

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