hCG Diet: R5P3D19 Check in!

Just letting you guys know how I’m doing in p3. You can buy hCG online for hCG injections or to mix as hCG rx drops here: http://hcgchica.com/buy-hcg-injecti…

23 thoughts on “hCG Diet: R5P3D19 Check in!

  1. Cutie pie – your son looks like he’s all boy 🙂 OMG, those jeans are WAY
    big. You look really toned, so I think it’s all good. When you check in
    again, let us know how your coming with those chin ups. ~ Happy

  2. you look wonderful!!! Your son is so cute (I have a special spot for boys
    though…. I had 3 boys… love them)… I agree, I think a lot of us look
    kind of drawn, sunken and tired by the time we are through with P2 and then
    we start to fill back out again in P3… You look nice and healthy!!

  3. you look so good girl! I missed that little guy! getting ready for p3 and
    gonna be working out..hope to make it to where you are someday
    soon!…thanks for checking in!

  4. so good to see you…amazing results! I’m on day 4 of p3 and have gone down
    2.4 but today after traveling 16 hours, was up .6

  5. Yay! stabilizing. It’s a great feeling 🙂 You look absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for the update!

  6. Some of that weight is simply the extra food you ingest each day vs. during
    the VLCD. It can be a challenge to stay below 120, I’ve found after 2
    rounds getting to about 118-119. I usually pop up to 120-122 in P3. Once I
    hit P4 and introduce carbs, it can go to 125-126. I am doing very low carb
    right now (in P4) to get back down to the 120 range, after a high carb
    vacation weekend. I will let you know how long it takes to make it there. I
    assume a few weeks (minus Turkey day!) CUTE BOY!

  7. WHAT A CUTE BABY! Yes, he is BIG TOO! LOL. Training your Butt off girl! As
    i said previously, AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. Love ya. A

  8. Oh my very dear…your son is adorable!! At 3:05 when he snuck around the
    corner to get into the shot I cracked UP!! Sorry I really am listening to
    you :). You are doing fantastic and I’m so happy for you! Your pants are
    falling off of you! Your waist is SO tiny around; how fantastic!! It’s so
    fun trying on older clothes, huh?!!! Awesome!!

  9. You know I’m not needing them right now- yay for that! Saves money. They
    really are great though for when you do need them.

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