hCG Diet R5 P3 Check in!

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24 thoughts on “hCG Diet R5 P3 Check in!

  1. That is awesome about your body fat! You’re a healthy young woman and
    pretty too! 😉 <3

  2. Hi Beautiful, you look absolutely adorable as always! I’m sure a lot of
    that is muscle & water weight because you look amazing! I agree muscle is a
    good thing! Thanks for the update & the positive attitude! TTSP – Jen

  3. Thanks for checking in with us. You look fantastic and those stats are
    great! L-O-V-E the name of the Facebook page and cant wait to start sharing
    the items I have reserved for all the lovely women in this community. ~ Big

  4. you look great! sounds like you’ve got this bull by the horn lol. BTW
    you’re house reminds me of Pier 1.

  5. Wow…you’re doing great! I know all about having an LDW too low…that
    same thing happened to me as well. And…with the fact that you’ve been
    doing CrossFit…it’s obvious that it’s the reason your weight is going up
    and down. So cool about the 17% BF…that’s awesome! Thanks for the
    check-in…love hearing how things are going…you always have great info!
    Looking Great Sweetie! Laurie

  6. Hiya! You know what, I actually don’t take any supplements in p2. If you
    really want to take something, I would recommend b12 of a b complex. Those
    are good for energy. A probiotic can be helpful. My body is very sensitive
    and I do best when I don’t take anything most the time. Thanks for watching!

  7. Whether you wait to exercise or not, you will most likely see some scale
    gains- that’s just part of exercise- when you tear your muscles from
    exercise, your body surrounds those areas with water to rebuild them bigger
    and better and this causes temporary water weight gain. I encourage to do
    what will make a person do what feels best for them mentally. I don’t
    really think doing exercise right away or later changes anything in reality
    – it’s what we can mentally handle that changes.

  8. If you incorporate some intermittent fasting while exercising this will
    give you great control over keeping your weight down- if you want to read
    more about that just do a search for “eat stop eat” on my website hcgchica
    dot com- it has the articles I’ve written on this- it’s fantastic for p3
    and p4 to keep things in check.

  9. I like that you are happy with where your body wants to be. It is sometimes
    hard when we want something different and i think that’s where all the
    problems come from. Us thinking our minds know better than our bodies!
    Great stats on the hydro test! I have so much fat% to lose still, but it is
    what i am focusing on now. Thanks so much for all the info. Worth watching
    again when i hit P3. Great stuuf on the website BTW. Keep up the great
    work. All my love to you. A

  10. Great results in your p3 , I start loading on Thanksgiving excited to start
    my journey. Do you think anyone would be interested In arranging a
    Christmas gift exchange with other hcgera, set a limit .

  11. On the amount , some did it a couple years ago & it looked like so much fun
    . Just a thought …

  12. I love your attitude on your body settling at that 123 number! I had not
    had time to watch vlogs lately and so glad that I got to watch this NOW!
    Sometimes Timing is perfect and that is the case here. I would love to get
    one of those hydro tests done. Lucky YOU! Thanks for mentioning my
    situation. It sucks when you work really hard and see little change on the
    number on the scale. I do know though that I did all I could do. Figure in
    my allergies & no meds which affect the releases.Hugs! ♥ya

  13. Hey chica, to update you, the hair is coming back, i can see it returning,
    the biotin and multvitamine worked, thanks for the help and the vlogs, hope
    all is well thanks for the channel, JC

  14. So proud of you being so in touch with what your body is doing. Outstanding
    body fat results. You continue to amaze me. You look amazing and your such
    an inspiration. I agree with you on your body finding where it wants to be.
    You are one busy girl–always doing for everyone else–Wishing you the
    best–thanks for sharing–Blessings

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