hCG Diet- R4P4 Update Maintaining hCG Weightloss

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- R4P4 Update Maintaining hCG Weightloss

  1. I totally agree with you that if someone isn’t ready, they will gain. I
    also think that the government, or those that want to make money off obese
    people, doesn’t want successful things, like HCG, to be posted, so you
    could be getting negative feedback not from a real person but a response to
    cause discouragement from posting your success. I think you rock and I
    really, really appreciate the fact that you post your progress and the
    trials/tribulations you face! Keep it up!

  2. Wow, go you strong amazonian goddess! Real pull downs and pushups! It’s
    a-m-a-z-I-n-g to see how far you’ve come in your weightless, your health
    and your fitness. Just shows how well the body can heal itself inches given
    the right non-toxic fuel… PS I love your 5 year plan – great goal! x x

  3. LOVE seeing you and hearing how great your life is going!! I can TOTALLY
    relate to what you were saying about how much time I’ve wasted and spent
    thinking about how I hated my body or how I looked or how bad I felt
    because of my extra weight…even time spent on the toilet reflecting about
    it lol. That is becoming less and less thanks to HCg!! So thankful and
    happy!! Again, so great to see you!!

  4. Thanks so much for the update…you are such an inspiration to me. Glad
    you’re doing so well and feeling so good about your body. You’re such a
    sweet person…I really enjoy your vlogs!

  5. You look great, thanks for the update….i hope to find acceptance with my
    body someday im not there yet still have ALOT to lose !!! and dont know why
    hcg seems so easy for some to stick to protocol and then others (like me)
    cant seem to quit cheating =( I WILL GET THERE i hope somthing clicks soon
    i dont know what my deal is but i just cant not cheat uuuuuugh YOU give me
    hope =)

  6. So good to hear from you -glad all is going well. 🙂 I like that you have
    such realistic long term goals.

  7. the fact that you can PULL yourself up and lift your 32# son is truly
    AMAZING! U GO GIRL! Also, I was unaware that you went off your meds! That
    is a huge win! Very PROUD OF YOU! ♥ (I had to do the same thing cause of
    the haterz! They hate success stories like us!)

  8. Don’t feel bad- I think it’s partially healthy factors, and partially this
    place your mind has to get too before you can make a permanent change and
    never look back- I have done so many horrible things to my body-bingeing
    daily, etc. in the past for many months, so am no stranger to totally
    screwing up and not caring- somehow I got to this breaking point and really
    wanted this change for myself when I saw it was doable- I know at some
    point you’ll feel that too.

  9. Dang A – your glow about blinding me… I’m still wondering if the thyroid
    issue was what I mentioned to you before (the reason for most auto-immune
    issues that aren’t really auto-immune issues) I’ll send you a msg, been
    tinkering again and have a need for the feed(back) That negative mouse…
    definitely a rodent, but smells more like a rat to me. Full weight loss
    disclosure. I like it !!! Mainstream diets won’t at all – still haven’t
    found any body comp tests from them.

  10. How awesome you are doing so great at Crossfit! Happy you are doing so

  11. Your such an inspiration!! I hope to get to where you are one day!! I know
    I will it just takes time!! So glad you checked in!!

  12. Its always nice to see a video from you 🙂 …Congratulations on the self
    acceptance it must be a wonderful feeling…that is one of my goals for
    doing Hcg. To be free from the negative thoughts about my body.

  13. So happy that things are going so well for you! Wow…doing a pull-up all
    on your own…AWESOME! I have yet to accomplish anything near that…but
    someday I hope to 🙂 I think you have a great plan for the future…:-)
    And I agree…our bodies seem to want to hold onto our fat a little more at
    or near “The end”. But I believe ,with your plan, you can totally get to
    your goal. Love ya! Laurie

  14. loved the update- and I think that it is awesome that you have found
    someone else’s body that inspires you, and that you chose to share that. I
    think that it is very realistic that a person might find perfection in
    other people’s bodies as something to aspire to. Some people might tell you
    that you should be happy with your body as it is, but I say keep trying to
    mold it into whatever you want it to be! Congrats on the first pull-up!
    They can be very hard for women!! Still waiting for a video!

  15. That’s absolutely amazing that you did a real pull up! Fantastic!! So happy
    for you that stabilizing is going well and that you feel great in general.

  16. I commented before I finished watching the whole thing… ha. Anyway LOVE
    LOVE your thoughts on how you talk to your body/think about your body etc.
    I’m around 150 today and I just have so much appreciation towards my body
    right now where as it was soooo hard to feel that and believe it at 201.
    It’s wonderful creating a new relationship just with myself. That is one of
    the things that is keeping me so motivated this round.

  17. i went to order on escrowrefills and realized they have a few different hcg
    options to order. Do you order the high purity? Thank you!

  18. I did order Lupi High purity this last time, but honestly in all the brands
    I’ve used, they have all worked equally well. Hope that helps!

  19. Thank you for all your help! You look great and I’m sure you are loving
    your results. From all your research, do you think the results of injection
    and sublingual hcg are similar or do people have better results with
    injections? And, are the results of keeping it off about the same for both
    methods? Thanks for your help!

  20. From what I’ve observed on youtube here, the majority of people seem to do
    fine either way- some seem to feel better (energy wise) while on the
    protocol doing one or the other and in that case it’s an individual thing-
    but the results appear to be the same to me. Hope that helps!

  21. Thanks so much for answering… I really appreciate it! Would you say most
    people lose weight faster without the fruit and grissini in P2? Do they
    have an easier time stabilizing if they do eat it in P2? I just found you
    the other day, so haven’t watched all of your videos yet, but I plan to. So
    glad to hear you are maintaining your weight

  22. Hi Chica! Were you on thyroid meds the entire time you were on hcg? If so,
    what kind? Thanks for the tip about the Omron… I’m going to buy one! Does
    it tell you fat and muscle measurement? Hope you are still doing great!

  23. Hello again! I’ve been on thyroid meds for my first 3 rounds. I wasn’t on
    thyroid meds my 4th round. The thyroid meds I take are Cytomel- active t3.
    The Omron tells you the fat measurement but not your muscle. I have found
    it to be very consistent in my case, within a couple pounds- anyway- I hope
    this helps!

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