hCG Diet- R4 Starting, Easily Maintaining in P4, Reversal of Hashimotos/Thyroid condition,

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- R4 Starting, Easily Maintaining in P4, Reversal of Hashimotos/Thyroid condition,

  1. I’ve found IF was not compatible with weight training, so glad for you!
    Have a great round! get your head in it good, because it can be a challenge
    from the wt. training to P2.

  2. Hi Chica , I’m So glad you’re doing all the fat monitoring , it so
    important coz we don’t want to be loosing muscle. best wishes Sally

  3. Great job! Looking forward to the next round! I am loading this weekend : )
    Good luck with the dexa… cant wait to hear the results! Wonderful news
    about the meds! XOXO

  4. Thanks for the update! Good luck on your new round coming up and YAY for no
    meds….HCG is such a miracle! Keep us posted:)

  5. You’re doing so great! Thanks so much for the update and all the helpful
    info. I’ve got a pretty bad case of insulin resistance (along with the LR),
    and I’m going to start IF to see if that helps. So glad you’re off your
    meds. How is your mom doing? Does she still have hunger issues now that
    she’s no longer on the HCG, or have they resolved?

  6. A “round” is one complete 3 or 6 week session? Like, P2, P3, and P4 and
    then you start over if you need to lose more? I downloaded pounds and
    inches and started reading it.

  7. Wow girl that is a lot of Crossfit!! Go you! =D What awesome news about
    curing your thyroid condition!! I’ve recently been taking a kelp supplement
    because the iodine supports a healthy thyroid and I’ve definitely had more
    energy. My mom has hypothyroidism and she’s on meds, but doesn’t seem
    interested in trying a more natural approach. I think it’s fantastic you’ve
    basically cured yourself through good nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.
    What an accomplishment!! Great to hear from you <3

  8. im so glad your doing another round i love your vlogs… 🙂 im one weeks
    and 3 days in with the rx brand … it was hard for my body to ajust to the
    new ones . kind of up and down and stalling . but now the past two day down
    almost 2 … 🙂 yay

  9. So great to hear you update and very excited for your upcoming round!! How
    amazing your body has been stabilizing with your exercising! So great to
    hear you are able to eat more carbs and fruits and still maintain!! Gives
    us hope!! Are you planning on exercising in your P2? How amazing that you
    are off all the meds!! Load good girl. Can’t wait to watch you melt!!

  10. Hi Hon…so good to see you! Sounds like you’re doing great! Wow…both the
    Dexa and hydro-static scans…awesome…can’t wait to hear the results.
    Great vlog and lots of good info…as always. so glad you discussed wild
    fluctuations on the scale…but BF staying relatively the same. I’m finding
    that as well. I have been exercising just small amounts…but increasing
    more every week. I have crazy water gain before TOM…and now…during
    ovulation :-/ So Happy you’re doing so well hon!! Love ya!

  11. I’m so excited to see your dexascan results! 🙂 Loooove your attitude and
    point of view!

  12. Oh did you? I better get on and do the tag then! I’ve not been watching
    many vlogs since I’m off hcg right now- that’ll change tomorrow! You know-
    I never would have gone off my meds if they didn’t actually start making me
    sick because my body was better and working well on it’s own- I stayed on
    them as long as I felt well on them- let me pm you more k?

  13. Yeah seriously a whole week of higher weight these days before TOM. And
    ovulation too! Forgot to mention that- that makes me eat more for at least
    two days and scale gains- I’m getting used to it as I see it continuously
    come and go on time each month now. What we women go through!

  14. Yes I have! I will be exercising on p2 but not super high intensity like
    usual- hopefully it will be okay- I’ll play it by ear.

  15. Thanks! Since mine was autoimmune in nature I actually have to avoid iodine
    at all costs as it used to cause more autoimmune attacks on my thyroid-
    made me feel like I got hit by a truck even if I ate some seaweed- haven’t
    tried it again to see if I can handle it now or not- would be nice- miss me
    that japanese food!

  16. Great! Yes you’ve got it right- probably when people discuss a round they
    mean mostly p2, and possibly p3.

  17. so do you think i can go longer because the first two weeks were not the rx
    hcg and it took mea week to ajust to the rx … im 26 days in but 2 weeks
    were the other hcg .not the rx. and then switching kind of messed me up
    ..ie can i go longer then 43 days becuase of this … thought ? also
    imtravleing at the end of apt\ril for 2weeks. so i wanted togo as long as
    ican.. untill i go away and then start p3 the week i go .i think ill be
    fine .on p3 food . while in cali. 🙂

  18. Definitely interested in seeing the difference from the xray verses the
    water measuring! I have heard there is a difference! Also want to hear how
    much muscle you have built. Good luck on your next round! Amazing how hcg
    is curing your thyroid problems too!

  19. Hi Chica! Did you get a blood test to get off your T3 or did you go by your
    symptoms? I’m so excited by the prospect of one day getting off of these
    meds! I’m still taking 75mcg/day! My doctor actually prescribed me some,
    but it was the generic and it was awful! It didn’t work! So I’m back to the
    original! Thanks for all your help! and congratulations! Also, do you
    attribute your thyroid improving to the weight loss or to gluten
    intolerance or a better diet or what in particular? thanku

  20. hey HCG… Branch chain amino acids prevent muscle loss during a cutting
    phase. Take a scoop or so daily before your workout…

  21. Thanks! I STILL haven’t gotten around to taking bcaa’s. I might. This video
    is really old now- I’ve been crossfitting two years now and built a ton of
    muscle, but I would love to try the bcaa’s sometime to see if I feel
    different or have better results. Thanks for commenting!

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