hCG Diet – R4 hCG Diet Plans

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  1. Oh my gosh, your little guy steals the show!! What a doll baby!! I had to
    watch twice cause the first time I was smiling ear to ear watching your
    little guy. What healthy food mama is feeding him!! Kudos!!! Good to see
    you and hear about your upcoming round of hcg! You look fantastic! Excited
    for you to get to your goal!!

  2. @Sourpusscandy Icecream used to be my favorite food on the planet! It’s the
    best. :)- But it had to go on my no-no list- I wish I could be some people
    and keep it in moderation but that just never works with me- tried that at
    least half a dozen times throughout my life so far!

  3. @WeightLossApocalypse Lol- I didn’t even realize he was trying to pull it
    through his teeth like a good boy till I watched it after recording- so

  4. @HCGChica for sure! only allowed in the house at loading time, otherwise,
    I’d be eating it 3x day!

  5. @justgranny45 Hiya! Thanks- yeah he’s good at stealing the show…:)- His
    behavior gets totally out of control if I let him eat like a “normal” kid-
    I guess it works that my whole family has to eat strictly for varying
    reasons. But we do get to enjoy home fried potatoes as part of our carb
    fare and I totally enjoy that. I’m excited too! It’s been such an
    experiment along the way and I’m interested to see how lowering my bf%
    affects my workout performance.

  6. @Sourpusscandy You know I have no idea about that- i can let you know when
    I receive my package where it came from- the people on the phone all seem
    to have an indian accent so far.

  7. @HCGforME2010 Aww thanks! It’s not weight it’s fat ma’dear! I’m at 27% body
    fat, which is OK but not fantastic- 20-22% will be great for the fitness
    goals I have- hiking up a very steep mountain will be much easier for me if
    I have a certain body composition. Excited!!

  8. @MemesHCG Lol- I’m hearing that more than once! He is a cutie- most of the
    time (right now he’s crying…sigh.)

  9. Thanks for telling us your plans Chica. Is mtc oil the same as coconut oil
    ? Your little boy is so sweet …I can see a lot of you in him best wishes

  10. i wish my two year old knew how to eat artichokes! youve probably already
    said this somewhere but what brand of hcg do you use? what brands have you
    used and are there any you didnt like? thanks for any info. considering
    switching to rx but not sure yet.

  11. @ajbean14 I have used different brands and don’t have a preference- also
    the brands currently available on the market I haven’t used, but I ordered
    high purity brand this time on the escrowrefills site- I think rx in
    general are pretty much the same. RX is awesome! I love injections- so
    simple and has always given me no hunger as long as I was on right dose.

  12. @1968mkr Thanks! I found that shirt at the thriftstore and I love to come
    jaunting out to my hubby wearing it to make him feel happy. :)-

  13. @rillasvilla No problem Rilla- I understand- I found myself forgetting
    ketones too sometimes- I started putting the bottle right in front of the
    toilet on a shelf I have there but I would still forget sometimes lol.

  14. @homemovies1961 I believe it’s a bit different- I still have to look it all
    up- I’ll let you know what I find when I get around to researching it more
    fully- just not enough hours in the day lately!

  15. I wish I had found artichokes at his age!! I feel like I missed out for 20
    years 🙂

  16. @justicefosho Lol- thanks!! He’s a fun little guy. He’s been sick and
    cranky but now he’s back to his usual self- thank goodness!!

  17. I love how he says more!! What type of injections will you be doing? Im
    doing them in the tummy with diabetic needle. This is my first time! Can
    you recommend a mixing video?? Thanks! Also, 1 hour of XFit?! Whoa! My WODS
    lasted no more then 30 minutes! Thats insane! Go you! What exact day are
    you starting?

  18. @tlcangel64 I do injections in the tummy too with either 1/2″ or 5/16″
    needle (diabetic as you said), usually 29-31 gauge. I find the finer gauges
    definitely are the best as far as really not feeling it go in. Are you
    using 5,000IU vials for mixing? If so I can send you a video for that. re
    xfit- the class itself is 1 hour- not the WOD- the warm up is anywhere
    between 20-30 minutes (itself feels like a workout to me), often we’ll work
    on a “skill”- today TGU- then the WOD-so mywods are like u

  19. @tlcangel64 i’m still undecided as to start date for my 4th round- I
    originally planned on starting beginning of april sometime, but I’m
    undecided if I want to possibly push it to a later date- if I do wait it
    would most likely be june- we’ll see- so hesitant to stop xfit as I’m
    feeling so good and I think it has a lot to do with my current thyroid
    health- concerned about sliding back healthwise if I stop.

  20. @HCGChica Oh ok! LOL My XFit instructor used to tell us to tell people “My
    warm-up is your work-out” Its so true! By the time I was warmed up I felt
    beat up! I am excited to get this last bit of weight off and start XFit
    again when we move at the end of May! Re HCG- I will be using the 5,000 iu
    and would love any videos~ I saw one where the woman actually mixed in the
    bio water bottle instead of pouring them into an empty bottle. She tested
    it weekly and it stayed positive.? Seemed good to me…

  21. @HCGChica Ugh that would be very hard to give up! May I ask why the new
    round? It seems to me that mentally, physically, and health wise you made
    it! I took one month off of XFit and it was so hard again and such a let
    down I just never picked it back up. Worst mistake. I can only imagine
    where I would be by now! You look great to me!

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