hCG Diet- R3P3 Day 5, 124.2, Results from Steak Day- success

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19 thoughts on “hCG Diet- R3P3 Day 5, 124.2, Results from Steak Day- success

  1. ur such a wealth of information! Cant wait to hear about your new test you
    are getting done. Your lil boy is adorable! Yay for your steak day success!

  2. Glad you are doing so great…. Can not wait to hear about the test on
    Monday. Have a great day.

  3. Awesome!! So happy you are doing well. Lots of great info. I’m wondering
    about counting calories too… esp because I get full and am still nowhere
    near where I thought I should be calorie wise. We’ll see. Still kind of
    seeing where I’m stabilizing and figuring out how to eat right for me.

  4. I just went and looked at your before and after video from round 1. Any
    chance you will do another one? It would be great to see the change from
    before round 1 to after round 3. And I think we would all love to hear you
    sing again!

  5. Great that your steak day worked out so well! What a cutie pie! I still
    haven’t gotten into the exercise thing yet and I need to! I am looking so
    forward to hearing about your scans! HUGS

  6. I like fasting too- I feel good when I do it and from my research its good
    to do once in a while- glad steak day worked for you- I havent tried one
    yet- have a good p3- walking and bike riding is a good start and its fun-
    workouts dont have to be hard to burn calories-

  7. So what are you eating? Can you talk a little about that? And missy, you
    are sitting pretty already!!! 🙂

  8. Glad the steak day worked out for you! You always have the best info about
    everything =D Enjoy your P3 pretty lady!! xoxo

  9. Great getting back within LDW! I’ve been meaning to ask how is the new fat
    monitor doing for you? I’m curious how the results from your hydrostatic
    compares to the fat monitor you are using. Another HCGer mentioned that for
    them that the hydrostatic fat percentage was 4% less than their fat
    monitor, which was good to know. Do let us know the results! Right now I’m
    approx 27% fat in the mornings but found I am approx 1-2% less before bed.
    Continued success to you. It’s always good to see ya!

  10. Crossfit is amazing and so much fun! Very intense so make sure your ready
    for it! The Paleo diet is great. It is the fitness/diet I followed when I
    was in tip top shape! One month you will be in shape. If you have any
    questions let me know~

  11. @tlcangel64 Oh cool! I don’t know anyone who’s done it so anything you
    think I should know I’d love to hear. I do a 4 session training starting
    this week to learn the proper form and movements, etc., then will start
    with 2x’s week for now. I want those capped shoulders! :)-

  12. @HCGChica You will squat in your sleep LOL You have to learn the “basic
    movements” first I assume thats the 4 session trainings. It is VERY
    intense. You will wish you were dead and then when you finish (quitting is
    NOT crossfit!) you will have a high! You will curse, cry…possibly puke
    LOL But it will be worth it! Usually people call it Xfit so you will see
    that a lot. Just prepare yourself. It will be harder then anything you have
    ever done. I’m serious…LOL

  13. Hooray for you!!! Sounds like you’re doing very well. Congrats on making it
    to p3. You look wonderful! I’ll be very curious about the fat percentage
    results. I’m toying with the idea of getting the hand held monitor.
    Anything to help keep me motivated. Especially as I prepare for me next
    round in Feb. Love to you sweetheart. Hope your day is a great one.

  14. @HcgSkinnyB Aww thank you!! You’re so sweet. Man I’m so happy to not be
    afraid of not eating now! Seriously, it scare me before- like how awful it
    would be to not be able to eat for several hours- now I’m actually loving

  15. I am just starting with gathering info and researching hgc for myself. What
    do all of the vlcd, p1,p2,p3 means?

  16. Hiya! vlcd=very low calorie day; p2= the vlcd portion of the diet; p3= the
    3 week no starch/no sugar portion of the diet. P1 isn’t really used on
    here- I think the Trudeau guy might have used it to refer to a before p2
    time period where one would do cleanses and stuff but almost no one I know
    does that.

  17. Hey girl- if you look at my buy hCG page on my blog hcgchica dot com you’ll
    see all the info.

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