hCG Diet- R3P2D26 125.8, 13 lbs fat gone, Ketones back up after Stevia Water removal

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- R3P2D26 125.8, 13 lbs fat gone, Ketones back up after Stevia Water removal

  1. Yay!!! Another great loss!! Your hair looks fabulous today!! Everything in
    moderation…even with Stevia. Tom new he was not welcomed!!! You look so
    different than that photo!!! Wow! What a transformation!! Great inch
    losses!! You should be so proud of yourself really sticking to this round
    so faithfully!! Great job girl!!!!

  2. You look so tiny!!! Your arms are so little!! Yay you!!! You must feel
    fabulous?!!!!!! That’s very interesting that the extra stevia caused your
    ketones to go down. I’m like you; smaller upper, bigger legs even when at
    my smallest. Love your joy!!

  3. My goodness you are doing spectacular!! Yay. I was quite thin until I got
    to my 20s and I did not appreciate it haha. I have so much more
    appreciation for my body now as it is, so I imagine that loving myself as I
    get smaller is going to be easier and easier and nothing like when I was a

  4. Wow…hon…you are doing so well!! Interesting about the stevia in the
    water. I did that almost my whole round 3…and my ketones were always low.
    But I never did it in my first two rounds…and I always had higher ketone
    levels…NEVER would have thought it was the stevia water…but now I do.
    Thanks for that info! I agree with you…whether you were small …gained
    and then lost weight OR always over weight and are finally small (me)
    …BOTH are an amazing feeling…and a MIRACLE 🙂 XOXO

  5. @HHcgCraZy Well that makes two of us now then! Yeah I wouldn’t have thought
    it either, but it was the only thing that was different those few days, so
    I figured i might as well test it out. I was still losing fat those days
    those so I don’t know how much it matters- but I did read higher ketosis=
    less hunger and cravings, so I’m all for that!

  6. @EZCFilmGirl I didn’t appreciate it either- I often still thought I was
    still a little overweight- so sad that I thought that way- now I appreciate
    every bit of me! I agree as we age and have a better perspective it’s
    easier to be happier with myself.

  7. @justgranny45 oh my arms? It’s funny- in real life their still pretty
    hefty- but it’s mostly muscle so that’s okay with me- all that
    wheelbarrowing lol. I do feel good! Yeah I’m not going to mind bigger legs
    so much anymore- but a little more cellulite loss there and I won’t
    complain! :)0

  8. You are so adorable, I can’t believe how awesome you are doing, I am so
    happy for you.

  9. @rachaelburden27 Thank you!! I’m so happy to have success this 3rd round
    when round 2 went so badly lol.

  10. Wow what a transformation!! I only have seen you skinny so it was shocking
    lol great job!

  11. I can most definitely tell the difference in this round versus the last
    round in the tone/mode/mood. Glad this round is going well for you..

  12. Hey great job! For me losing for the first time in my life (like this
    anyway) is CRAZY AMAZING!! I pull my pants out of the dryer and it takes me
    a couple seconds to register that they are my pants!!! LOL Seeing bones I
    only knew were there from biology class and so much more!!! It’s a new
    adventure each round! HUGS

  13. Woohoo! You’re doing awesome! Love those inches lost. We’re all so
    different. My legs are smaller and although my waist circumference is at a
    healthy width, it is larger than yours. I am hoping the waist circumference
    shinks more! We’ll see. My body form is totally different now than when I
    was younger. It does kind of frustrates me a bit but I am hoping w/
    exercise (once, I heal from my knee injury) I’ll see better results in my
    form. You are doing fabulous! Keep it up! Hugs!

  14. you are always so smiley- love it- I usually lose on tom while hes here and
    then have one or two gains right after he leaves- thanks for sharing the
    before picture, you look so great- my legs were always big too even at 105
    my thighs still touched- hate my legs!

  15. So fun to see your before picture. Wow! It really shows how great you have
    done on this journey.

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