hCG Diet: R1P2VLCD2

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6 thoughts on “hCG Diet: R1P2VLCD2

  1. Ive been watching your videos for a while and this is the FIRST TIME that
    I’ve seen your “Before” you on camera… I’ve seen the pics you’ve put up
    — but to actually see YOU, talking like you, sounding like you, and
    looking SO Different has me FLOORED Rayzel! Wow! This HCG is powerful. I
    can’t even Wrap my Mind around the fact that this is YOU… you look like
    you’re wearing some hollywood prosthetics to make you seem heavier! WOW!
    You should refer ppl to this video #SeeingIsBelieving! -Tko

  2. Hey! It’s funny you watched it now because I’m actually in the middle of
    preparing my 2 year anniversary on hCG video that will contain clips from
    these first videos! Lol!!! Hollywood prosthetics- I love it! Thanks for
    commenting on it! 🙂

  3. Rayzel, because you’ve seen yourself like this “Before” it may seem
    feasible. But because I’ve seen the “After” you for so long that I can’t
    even imagine this person above existing. You have given me confirmation
    that inside each of us lay a thin person waiting to come out. Personally,
    I’ve always thought my ribs or bones must be bigger, but witnessing your
    transformation has given me Awe and Pause at the magnificence of the human
    body and how it self adjusts for more or less weight -Tko

  4. 2/3 But then I remember you said in video that you had been thin for most
    of your life but various circumstances had you put on the weight & you just
    became comfortable that “this is you now.” I truly respect you and what you
    do is So necessary. Don’t ever stop doing what you do, even if you dont
    have a million likes & views. You’ve made a difference in my life & altered
    my consciousness & you have me wondering if I could ever even picture
    myself a size 4… or even 2?? -Tko

  5. 3/3 Including this footage in your anniversary video is So necessary. Im
    telling you – seeing you speak, sounding like you, same mannerisms, voice,
    everything is MIND BLOWING! And if you ever wanted to convince ppl that HCG
    changes lives this video is Just the thing which will do that; Bcz Im
    telling you, I’ve seen the before pics – but this vid right here is my
    paradigm shift. Words alone could never suffice in how THIS has changed my
    reality. Thank you dear -Tko

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