Hcg Diet Product and Ordering Info

If you haven’t read Dr. Simeons protocol yet, do it!!! You can download the original transcripts for free at this website: http://www.hcgdietinfo.com My pers…

5 thoughts on “Hcg Diet Product and Ordering Info

  1. Great information…very thorough!! Just an added note about the
    Homeopathic HCG…it is not the same as sublingual HCG. It differs in that
    it is not the actual hormone, it just acts the same in your body
    energetically as HCG would, therefore it should be even safer than the
    actual HCG hormone. Look up homeopathy/homeopathics on the internet for
    more information about it. The homeopathic HCG is what I will be using when
    I begin late January.

  2. From what I have read it is equally effective to the actual hormone. Good
    luck on your weight loss journey!!

  3. OH! I’m SO glad you spelled it out for people! I only had so much time and
    room to write….lol…so I didn’t go into the homeopathic yet. I actually
    researched it completely…and at first was NOT going to do it,AT
    ALL!However, after continuing to research it and reading people’s first
    hand experiences on the support sites,I’ve decided that is probably the way
    I, too will go for my 2nd round!Thank you for commenting and clarifying the
    homeopathic hCG!

  4. She bombed out with the homeopathic!!!! I would suggest you Google
    “homeopathic” and get wikipedia’s definition and that will totally explain
    “WHY”!!! There is no actual trace of hcg in the homeopathic…just the
    “essence”. It has been diluted so many times that no hcg can be found,
    which is why you don’t have to refrigerate!!!! People can lose just as much
    on a 500 calorie diet alone, but they will not reset the HypoT. and they
    will not release the abnormal fat to live on during that time.

  5. What website did your neice order from? i am thinking about doing drops…

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