hCG Diet Prep #2- Check Those Expectations

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet Prep #2- Check Those Expectations

  1. Hey ive really been struggling to lose weight its horrible ive gaoned tons
    of weight and watching your success and life change im so inspired please
    can you recommend me a good reliable source. .id like to try hcg wgere can
    I buy it ???? Plzz replyyyy

  2. Great sharing and awesome points for sure!!! Big beginning key about the
    average..it is a round average..lol… don’t get cocky…lol. I love
    watching Mike do this protocol with no big number expectations. Thank you
    as ALWAYS for your knowledge and information! Realistic expectations! Love

  3. Thnx you sooooooo much I hope I can accomplish my goal just like you
    have…thnx for sharing 🙂

  4. I’ve never used the lipo shots myself- I view them not as a necessity but
    as an additional benefit to try if you have the funds, but definitely you
    can be easily successful without them.

  5. I have been so bad on this round, I have totally cheated everyday! I think
    it happened because I got this chicken that is so tough, I can’t eat it! It
    is like leather. I have really not done well…but still lost two pounds. I
    had about a gallon of popcorn last night, and four beers. I am terrible!

  6. aww thanks! Sometimes it seems it’s these mental aspects to the diet that
    are actually the toughest.

  7. I’m sorry. 🙁 It seems many of us have a “round that sucked” in our
    past….I hope the future will get better for you.

  8. Totally welcome! Just stuff I had to realize myself, as hard as it was to
    acknowledge it.

  9. Thanks nili! How’s the meet up video coming? 😉 I’m anxious to watch it! I
    should put one together myself just been so swamped!

  10. heehee. Mike’s so lucky he has a veteran in his corner already! Can’t wait
    to see an adorable “after” pic of you both together!

  11. Awesome video as always Miss Chica! I’m on day 11 of p2 and definitely
    expecting that slowing up you were talking about. It’s all good though… I
    know I’ll eventually get there 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to do this
    vids… they really are SO helpful 🙂

  12. Great video. Do you have any other videos or blogs on doing a 6 week course
    versus a 3 week? This is my 4th round and have only done the 3 week round
    before, but am considering the full 6 week round this time.

  13. Question: i ordered from escrowrefills. Just recieved the hcg. Ive messaged
    about this to them they said all was fine but heres the thing: I ordered it
    said transaction thru bank was recieved succesfully , but i have yet to see
    the money be taken ? Does the money take awhile to pull? No worries if so
    just thought it was a little weird to recieve the package and it not have
    paid for itself yet? anyone else have this happened? just wondering if this
    is normal . thanks just seems weird

  14. I’m not sure but I think it will be fine- I’ve had hundreds of people order
    through them and no issues reported- I Hope that helps!

  15. No but that’s a great idea- I will add that to my list. I favor 6 week
    rounds myself if you more weight to lose only because either way you have
    to load and take breaks etc. so it can just be more efficient to do 6
    weeks, as long as your body is feeling well enough to handle it. I have
    done all my rounds 6 weeks except for 1.

  16. Wow that’s amazing Jamie- I hope you are able to address the issues with
    the thyroid- that can really feel horrible for energy- but you are right-
    you have lost so much weight still with hCG despite it.

  17. Aww thank you. I have to remind myself of these exact types of things when
    I am on a round- it can be easy to forget how hard it is until you are back
    on it- which thankfully I’m not for now lol.

  18. New to your Vlog…. Thank you… I’m a repeat HCG user…. It works!…
    Thank you for the updates… Hard to find follow up blogs….you are an
    inspiration for long term maintenance

  19. Thank you! I am actually super excited because it has now been an entire
    year since I finished hCG- I will have an anniversary video soon. 🙂

  20. So helpful! Thanks! I’m starting my second round today. The videos help so
    much – for some reason – both vlogging and watching them – without them – I
    always fall off it. 

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