hCG Diet Possible Side Effects: Temporary Hair Loss

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15 thoughts on “hCG Diet Possible Side Effects: Temporary Hair Loss

  1. Thanks Chica for Sharing such a personal topic with us. I suppose when the
    body has limited food It has to ration it….Therefore hair becomes less of
    it’s priority so the food energy can go to our vital organs instead. Love

  2. I just went through a round and I never had hair loss. I think many people
    overthink the hair loss idea. Great video thanks!!!

  3. My first round of HCG I had no hair loss at all, the second round, I lost
    like crazy. Interested in seeing what this next round brings….thanks for
    sharing your personal experience.

  4. As you said my dear, hair loss is not a result or symptom of HCG but rather
    excessive or quick weight loss in general. There are two documented facts
    as side effects of rapid weight loss and that is hair loss and loose skin.
    Other than that stress as you said will make hair shaed but at any point in
    life or at stressful events. Thank you so much for all of the information
    that you have been sharing over the last week via vlog! Great job HCGChica!

  5. Thank you for sharing your sentiments as well! I agree it’s good to clarify
    the hair loss as not being specific to hcg. I guess our hair is super
    emotional lol.

  6. Thanks for this, I’m watching well after the fact, but great info. I would
    love to know more about adrenal fatigue and Isacourt? I think I may have
    some of the symptoms of this… And, still losing hair 🙂 Appreciate you
    sharing all you have learned!

  7. The Isocort really is helpful- I think I did a couple vlogs about it- if
    you go to my website hcgchica dot com there is a category at the top that
    says thyroid and hcg- look under there and it will have the vlogs I’ve done
    talking more about isocort. Basically the isocort replaces the cortisol
    your adrenals are having trouble producing to give your adrenals a chance
    to rest and recover, and at the same time you get to feel fairly good since
    you have cortisol in the form of the isocort.

  8. I’m experiencing major hair loss again after my latest round. I will
    probably not do the ZhVG protocol again due to this happening. Not fun.

  9. Oh bummer- so sorry to hear it- when you do a round would you say it’s
    totally pop or somewhat mop? One book I had read said that the hair loss
    does not occur if someone follow the diet strictly as written which I’ve
    probably never done 100% myself- curious what your experience was with that.

  10. I follow pretty close to the original protocol. It’s been a while now and
    still heavy shedding. 🙁 I cut my hair short last time this happened so not
    sure how long this will last. I was growing my hair back out too!

  11. I started injections about 5 days ago, and would like to know if severe
    itching is part of hcg diet. Also what domyou think about the drops? THANK
    you for being there.

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