HCG diet Phase 2 Recipes Day 5

Recpies: Gumbo, MooShu Chicken, Pound Cake.

8 thoughts on “HCG diet Phase 2 Recipes Day 5

  1. They really look YUMMY….although u say there’re for P2…I may try them
    on P3….have u had any gains with your bread roll?

  2. @67blackgirl Nope I didn’t gain any, only times i gain is when I don’t eat,
    kinda funny

  3. Are you sure 20mins? I barely had them in there for 10mins and it came out
    burnt-ish. tasted like a spongecake but mine didnt look fluffy and risen
    like yours. What can i do to make it thicker.By the way didnt have any
    benefiber, just used regular truvia.

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