hCG Diet P4 Check in. Intermittent Fasting 1-2 times a week.

I have been doing a little intermittent fasting in the form of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat protocol- it’s very simple- just fast for 24 hours 1-2 times a week….

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  1. I always enjoy watching your videos, some how it’s always what I needed to
    hear so THANK YOU!!! Natalie

  2. Hon…I’m so happy that this is working for you. It’s so nice to be able to
    eat and maintain. I’m like you…I definitely can eat a lot too. I was
    supposed to eat 1675 cals…but most of the time I ate around 1900 cals.
    The key for me was to eat high fat and high protein. Thank God it
    worked….because I want to be able to eat when I’m done. I don’t want to
    starve just to keep the weight off. I pray it continues to work after this
    last round. Great vlog hon! Love you! Laurie

  3. Thanks Chica It’s nice to see your happy face and to know things are going
    well for you best wishes Sally

  4. Glad u are doing so well. Sounds very cool. I love learning new ways to
    maintain. Will have to read it.

  5. Hello! I have been going back and watching all your vlogs and really enjoy
    watching your progress! I am on VCLD 12 and have lost 12 lbs (Yay me!!). I
    don’t Vlog but I would like to join the HCG community on Facebook but I
    can’t seem to find it?? Can you lead me in the right direction to where
    everyone is please 🙂 Thanks and wonderful work, you look great and I love
    your energy!!!

  6. glad that you found a plan that is working for you! I personally need the
    discipline of controlling the amount I am eating. My biggest problem was
    overeating. You look gorgeous girl! Love your name for you “future” lil
    girl! HUGS!

  7. I am the same way….my husband is 6’4″ and about 185 and I can out eat him
    any day! I love what your saying about the fasting 2 days, I totally agree!
    Continued good luck!

  8. Great to hear you are doing so well!! I totally agree with the sugar crazy
    thing! I was out of control at Christmas and even though I knew it I didn’t
    stop… I’m hoping I was more l carefree cause I knew I was going to do
    another round. I hope this time I stabilize and learn for GOOD how to fix
    it. Keep up the good work and keep us informed! HUGS

  9. @graphxgrl Basically you fast 24 hours and then continue eating as you
    normally would- so there are no food rules- so if you start fasting at 6 or
    7pm one evening, you would continue that fast till 6 or 7pm the following
    day- then you eat a normal dinner and go back to eating normally until
    you’re next fast period.

  10. @theprincesstinky Hiya! i basically just started friending people that had
    “hcg’ in their facebook name. But I will be honest- even though I haven’t
    been on there long- it’s not nearly as nice a place as youtube- I don’t
    know if it’s because it’s easier to write something then to say it out
    loud, but I have seen behavior I don’t find encouraging. Everyone here you
    youtube are so upbeat and positive. Hope I don’t offend anyone- just my
    impression. You should get on YT!

  11. @kate37ta1 Well- it’s happened to me too that’s why I can understand it! 🙂
    I feel bad I’ve been so behind on so many vlogs- I will have to go watch
    hers since you said she’s doing something similar. Thanks for watching!

  12. @HcgCharm Thanks so much! hope you are doing well too! This by far seems to
    me to be possibly the golden ticket for me personally- it’s like twice a
    week I get “reset”- fasting always makes me crave healthy real food, and
    helps me get off of the constantly eating train and constantly feeling full
    which I don’t like but tend to do.

  13. @DeeHcgPrincess It’s really interesting- my body has already adapted a lot
    after only 3 fast days- I’m much less hungry than my first fast day now-
    sunday was my 3rd of 4th fast day and I’m telling you- I was only hungry
    twice for like 5 minutes each- that was it! I felt totally normal, as if I
    was on hcg! Promise! Even took a hike the last two fast days! I feel so
    freed from worrying about frequency of eating.

  14. @homemovies1961 Thank you so much! You are so sweet- thank you for watching
    and supporting me.

  15. @MSPNWRN Your welcome! I have learned so much from others here on yt so I
    want to share what I learn as well.

  16. @HHcgCraZy Thank you!! I agree- life is so sad and depressing if you have
    to eat like a bird- this really does seem to be working to keep my weight
    in balance! I’m so excited about it. I bet you’re about in some new
    territory now eh?

  17. @justgranny45 Thank you! Yes I’m am totally loving ESE! the last fast day
    was a breeze- I’m much less hungry now- I think my body has already
    adapted. Oh my goodness- I’m your favorite vlogger??? I feel so honoured!!!
    You are so sweet!!

  18. @rmasso38 That’s cool- is that like the leangains guy? I’ve been reading
    his blog too. So far I like just not eating at all for around 20-24 hours
    and then eating what I want- so far working really good. For instance, I
    broke my fast last night around 8pm. Between 8 and 11 pm I felt like I
    probably overdid it and ate way too much but I was still down 2.4 this a.m.
    So it really seems to be keeping my weight between 127-130 which is

  19. @HCGChica Yeah some times we push a bit to far into not eating, then we eat
    to much after. but i am glad you lost anyway 🙂 are you eating 2 days then
    fasting 1? or fasting every other day? this might be a great way for me to
    do a p4 lifetime plan. i am a bit of an extremist, all or nothing kinda
    guy, so fasting 2 times per week is much better than the constant daily
    calorie counting.

  20. @HCGChica VERY interesting! I may try Eat Stop Eat for a week at some
    point. I like the fact that you get to eat at some point in the day – I
    can’t stand going to bed hungry. Thanks so much for clarifying this.
    Loooking forward to seeing how it all pans out for you 🙂

  21. So glad you found something that works for you and glad to have the info
    for later as my weight gets lower and my body will probably react a little
    differently to food than it is now.

  22. Hey Kaybee! Nice to see ya! I love the intermittent fasting thing- the only
    reason you’d need the book is if you want to understand the mechanism
    behind what is happening when you fast on only water for 18-24
    hours.There’s no other special rules or protocol to follow, so if you don’t
    need that info, you can just fast for 24 hours 1-2x a week- it’s really
    amazing the science behind it- it’s different than juice fasting- the body
    does things it won’t do even if you consume small amounts of food.

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