HCG Diet P1D1 – Dr Simeons (ish) Protocol

HCG Weight loss diet – Phase 1 Day 1 39.1 pounds to go! (this time, or next!) * off your first order (HOT273), no matter how small, at iHerb.com . I bought…

3 thoughts on “HCG Diet P1D1 – Dr Simeons (ish) Protocol

  1. Average for women is 1/2 to 1 pound a day so keep that in mind. Don’t set
    unrealistic goal. never dabbled in the homeopathic hcg. i hope it works for
    you! it is a very great protocol just stick to it .

  2. I wanna wish you luck you using this version of hhcg. Remember to take it
    one day at a time, cause you can easily get disappointed if you don’t
    release the weight on a daily basis. You should consider getting the real
    hcg. If you start feeling hungry stop using that stuff, it’s not worth your
    health. Keep the hcg community updated on your progress 🙂

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