hCG Diet- More Thyroid stuff re T3/Cytomel meds for Hypothyroid Hashimotos

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- More Thyroid stuff re T3/Cytomel meds for Hypothyroid Hashimotos

  1. Took my temperature under my arm and it was 96.4 degrees. As you know, I
    take levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism. I am very interested in your
    research about T3 and other thyroid stuff. All good info to me. I need to
    check and see if I need to be taking T3.

  2. Great job on your research. That is very interesting. Glad you are enjoying
    P3 and not stressing over the scale and whether you are losing/gaining that
    comes with P2. Did you take the T3 last round? Glad you are sitting pretty

  3. Accidental gluten! Love that. Interesting about the T3- I am sure that you
    sharing this will help a lot of other people who are taking thyroid meds.
    You know that there are endocrinologists that have done fellowships in
    naturopathic medicine? Here in Tucson, Andrew Weil runs a naturopathic
    fellowship at the University of Arizona and there is a list of doctors in
    your area on the website who have gone through the program- maybe seeing
    one will help?

  4. I just had to pause and reflect after you said that we wouldn’t be on HCG
    forever. *sigh* *breathe* *pray*. 🙂 I am really excited about learning
    more about nutrition, especially in regards to gluten! It’s exciting to get
    to a point where I can begin to look at how my body functions with specific
    foods. Always was eating so much crap so I couldn’t do any of my own
    “research”. Now you’ve sparked an interest….

  5. Wow this is good information. I have a bro-in-law that has talked to me
    about this and is taking the samething. He wakes up middle of the night is
    hot sweas. Hopefully he doesn’t die! Sounds like thermogenics are a good
    way to lose the pounds. Obviously you need them to get that Metabolism
    cruising along. P3 is great and glad you enjoy it! I also lost 50% muscle
    on my last round. Will do Bodpod test next week for R4 results. Hopefully
    it’s not ugly! Great seeing you!

  6. You look beautiful today!! Glad you are feeling good!! Great info! See you

  7. WOW!! Amazing amount of information you’ve been able to uncover for
    yourself and others with your condition. Very nice of you to share on your
    vlog!! Glad you’re feeling better and can’t wait to see how you do in your
    next round. =)

  8. you look great!! your sounding very upbeat. glad your understanding what
    your body is telling you.

  9. @HCGChica well I know that some psychiatrists add t3 to SSRIs for depressed
    patients. Like I said t3 is a stimulant of sorts-sort of like amphetamine.
    However it doesn’t even have to reduce your appetite the fat (and muscle)
    melts off and you can get a feeling of ‘well being’. It is the active
    thyroid hormone, t4 gets converted into t3. Some people don’t convert well
    so a combination (t4/t3) is best. T3 drives down your TSH enormously and
    has a very short life whereas t4 lasts for 6 days.

  10. @HCGChica however if you abuse t3 you can get heart problems and bone loss
    and anxiety. I am glad the t3 only program is working well for you it is
    hard to find a doctor that will prescribe a med isn’t T4 only let alone
    just T3.

  11. @HCGAng Hey there! I’ve done a second round already and I found that I
    think it was the diet coke and other sweeteners that were preventing me
    from losing as much fat- so as long as you stay away from those I think you
    should be fine- I lost a lot more fat my second round when I didn’t have
    diet coke like the first round. Hope that help!

  12. @magildeny Yes! Ask your doc to give you t3- don’t be surprised though if
    he won’t or is hesitant to- you might have to find a more naturopathic type
    doc who will be willing to prescribe it. T4 is almost useful as a med for
    most people. I do not take t4 at all, but many take a combo of t3/t4. Also-
    you should check out a new book called Hope for Hashimotos that just came
    out- buy it on Amazon- stuff I’ll be trying in there.

  13. @TickleMehNancy Yes I’m aware of these things you mentioned- I can always
    tell if I’ve taken too much t3 because my heart rate goes up- so I always
    make sure to keep that in check- it’s not too hard to make sure you’re on
    the right does because you just feel bad if your not on enough or on too
    much. I didn’t know about them adding it to ssri’s though- that’s
    interesting! The reality is I think a lot of people have thyroid issues
    they are unaware of.

  14. @DroidDarm Hi Droid- I don’t know how your comment got remove- but if
    anyone read it- as an endicrinologist yourself I’d like to believe the
    science that t4 always converts to t3- however- since there have been so
    many thousands of people who feel TERRIBLE on t4 only meds, and then feel
    TOTALLY BETTER on t3 meds, the proof is in the actual experiences of people
    and how they live their lives- I had a friend who had her t4 meds literally
    up her meds 10x the original dose and she felt no better.

  15. I don’t want to butt in where I may not be welcome, but I treat hundreds of
    people with hypothyroidism. Many people feel better with T3 because the
    doses they are on are a little too high and cause subclinical
    hyperthyroidism (TSH < 0.4 or so). Some people feel great at that level,
    but even minimal overdosage of thyroid hormone causes
    osteoporosis/osteopenia and cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation).
    (almost out of characters). So, just please make sure the TSH is between
    0.5 – 2.5

  16. @DroidDarm The thing is for me- regardless of what is causing me to feel
    better while taking t3- I would be living my life almost dead without it- I
    actually felt suicidal at times because of how limited and depressed I have
    become- so if it is true what you say about t3 and osteo/etc.- then even
    then I probably wouldn’t change what I’m doing because at least I can spend
    years have a good quality of life instead of wanting to be dead and
    accomplishing nothing.

  17. @HCGChica Thank you so much for all your info… i am checking out
    drlowe.com and other resources. I have my t3 now…. can you tell me how
    much you took and/or your experience? I’ve heard it’s good to start with
    about 5mcg… does this sound about right? also, should I take it with my
    t4 in the morn on an empty stomach and or periodically throughout the day?
    any info would be great…. i know you’re not a dr., and I know our
    situations are different, but any input on dosing would be great!

  18. Bodybuilders take extra t3 on top of their own production so it burns more
    calories,fat,muscle. They also take alot of protein and or steroids which
    limits the muscle waste from t3 because t3 is unbiased on where it gets its
    fuel to burn (fat, muscle) thus if they take in low fat but high protien
    plus the roid, the t3 will just burn the fat. In your case youd think your
    only taking in enough to be in a normal t3 level which wouldnt make you
    lose muscle?

  19. Also 😉 my girlfriend just recieved her hcg and bac. water, does she have
    too inject i.m. or will s.c. work and if s.c. does she have to up the does
    a little? Thanks.

  20. @johnnyrnelson Pretty much everyone I know on youtube here injects sub q,
    so that’s fine. I use 5/8″ needles I think that I got off amazon. Yes, when
    you inject sub q the standard dose is 150 ius, and then if still hungry
    after a few days gradually increase it. most do good with 150 iu. I’m
    taking 166-170 ius this round though.

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