HCG Diet – Mike and Juliet Show w/ Dr. Gedde

Dr. Margaret Gedde discusses the merits of the hCG diet on the Mike and Juliet show. 3 current users of hCG also “weigh in” and relate their success with the…

4 thoughts on “HCG Diet – Mike and Juliet Show w/ Dr. Gedde

  1. Wow very interesting . Thank you for shearing the story i love hCG and i
    sell hCG Homeopathic, been doing for the last 3 years . I was 162 pounds
    and i maintain in 126 pounds

  2. I myself have used this diet, and when you follow it properly, you get
    plenty of high quality protein, tons of veggies and two servings of fruit
    every day. I eat better on this diet than I normally do. I wish they’d
    let Dr Gedde speak more without shouting over her, because she’s a
    brilliant clinician and physician who has lots of scientific information to
    offer – just seems like it would have been more informative if she’d been
    allowed to speak a bit more without being interrupted at every turn rudely.

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