HCG DIET- Lose 30 Pounds (lbs) In 30 Days HCG Diet…Pounds & Inches!

http://www.buyhcg123.net/ Lose 30 Pounds (lbs) In 30 Days HCG Diet…Pounds & Inches! How to Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days With The HCG Diet The HCG Protocol and…

25 thoughts on “HCG DIET- Lose 30 Pounds (lbs) In 30 Days HCG Diet…Pounds & Inches!

  1. I can’t wait to begin on hcg!! I just hope I don’t have any loose skin
    after the weight loss cuz I have quite a bit of weight to lose. Thank you
    for posting videos and inspiring us all. *DyMe*

  2. will it still work if you eat a clean diet? not 500 cals, but more like

  3. @nickytaylor112 no you body had to be in starvation mode and diet is very

  4. Anything I can do to help him with his journey, just have him give me a
    call, My contact info is on my website at colin f watson dot com

  5. @Worldslargestipod – did u buy it online? im trying to find a reliable
    source..can u send a link pls

  6. @deroze09 Sorry but I didn’t post this comment. My Mom did, she
    accidentally used my YT account I believe. I’ll ask my parents where they
    get their drops from and link you asap.

  7. im curious in the diet it says no sugars but has people eating fruit that
    has sugars in it, also i have protien shake that has 2g sugar in it. what
    is acceptable as far as sugars go ?

  8. Thank you brother your video explains how i feel to a t i was working out
    nothing worked my midsection was expanding I felt like it was the end of
    me. I used the drops and consumed about 1200 calories a day and after 35
    days I was 36 pounds lighter I am 6 foot 5 225 pounds now back to my early
    30s weight, and the funny thing is my midsection is back defined. I feel
    liberated no muscle loss people can hate but this stuff works

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