HCG Diet – Hygiene Products – Request for comments and suggestions

I share some of my HCG allowable hygiene products and request comments and tips from you. My understanding is vegetable glycerin for allowed. You can use thi…

9 thoughts on “HCG Diet – Hygiene Products – Request for comments and suggestions

  1. Corn Huskers Lotion is approved and available at Walmart for about $2.99
    and Neutragena products are Oil Free.

  2. Great to know! Neutrogena… that makes it very easy- and pretty much
    covers everything.

  3. ur audio is kinda low, have to use headphones to hear you, can u crank up
    ur mic a bit? thanks……..

  4. Thank you soooo much about the audio feedback. I think I was able to fix it
    but if it’s still not good… please let me know. Your honesty is sooooo
    appreciated!(I did a shout out (maybe more of a whisper) to you on my
    current video:))

  5. Thank you so much. I shared this information on the video I just put up…
    (@2:42 I gave you credit). Keep the great information coming!

  6. I just learned.. the spray bottle is key because you can’t slather on the
    vegetable glycerin or else you need to count it toward your calorie content.

  7. @corderomichelle I did a video about my make-up… I’ve been using mineral
    make-up and really playing around with that….however there are sooo many
    great make-up videos. thank you for the suggestions though. I know
    lifetiniful did a great one re supplements you might be interested in

  8. can you pure vegetable glycerin as is for soap with like teatree oil? is it

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