HCG Diet – HUCOG Test Results – See if its REAL from Reliable RX

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21 thoughts on “HCG Diet – HUCOG Test Results – See if its REAL from Reliable RX

  1. That is awesome, I get all my hcg from reliable phamacy they also deliver
    quickly, I get the high purity hcg. I also get my mixing kits from you and
    you have fast delivery too. I am very satisfied with both. Glad your doing
    good keep up the good work.

  2. @ingian awww thanks! I like reliable rx, they really work with you and have
    great customer service.. a little slow but they do what ever it takes to
    get you taken care of.

  3. Very interesting. I use Ovidac and have never had the hunger issues. I am
    having major brain fog though so it’s possible that this brand is whacked.
    It did test positive though. Thanks for the info

  4. ReliableRx is owned by the same people who have AllDayChemist, from what I
    heard. I love, April, that you keep going and u don’t give up!! That is
    what matters!

  5. Is the hucoug Hcg that you tested, the new formula? I just read that hucoug
    is no longer freeze dried, so I’m worried that what I ordered isn’t the
    real stuff.

  6. Hello 🙂 i was wondering if i buy the hcg on ur website could i use it for
    the sublingual mixing? Because i rather do that than the injections thanx
    hope to hear from you soon!! oh and by the way you dont look ugly lol 🙂

  7. @LILMISSEMW07 Sorry for the late reply.. I have been in denial.. got to
    ugly..lol Yes you can mix any real hcg for drops.

  8. HI! I ordered my hg a little over 2 weeks ago from reliable rx pharmacy and
    I haven’t been charged yet. I was wondering how long it takes to receive
    the hcg and at what point they actually charge you for it. I live in NYC btw

  9. Hi lovely! I just ordered my Hucog from ReliableRX & was wondering how long
    it has taken you to recieve your order from them? I see it as ordered on my
    account with them but no tracking number that I can see.

  10. They send tracking info once it is actually shipped. You can contact them
    and request it.

  11. How did you test it on the pregnancy test? Before adding the vitamin B or
    after? I have tested it twice & keep getting error. How much did you use to
    test it? Thanks

  12. Before the b12. Also I found you dont want to mix your b12 with the hcg
    because b12 needs to be room temperature. I did find that the best
    pregnancy test to use was First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. It
    takes a lot of hcg. You need to inject atleast 1cc up into the stick close
    to the base so that it will go right into the reader. That way you dont use
    an entire vial of hcg.

  13. I dont have drops. I dont like them. I do have hcg pellets at my missouri
    medical supplies site.

  14. You can go to a dr and be monitored, you will have to find a doctor who
    supports the diet. IT is very controversial

  15. What do you mean B12? You don’t mix it with Bac water? How many IU’s do you
    have to use to test?

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