HCG Diet food-P2 recipe- lean turkey, celery, and tomato soup

Recipe as follows: 1lb 97% lean ground turkey 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth 32oz diced tomato 3oz tomato paste (FORGOT TO MENTION THIS) 2 stalks or more…

25 thoughts on “HCG Diet food-P2 recipe- lean turkey, celery, and tomato soup

  1. Just watched your vlog and you look well prepared for this. If you have any
    questions just make a vlog with them and you will get help.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking of doing this recipe with ground chicken ‘cuz it looks
    delish and I definitely want to stay strictly protocol. Man, I think I
    might do this recipe on P3!

  3. SERIOUSLY AN AMAZING DISH!!!! I just got done eating my version of your
    chili recipe. The only things i did differently was i added a whole onion
    and a bunch more chili powder. But i seriously felt after i had eaten that
    i cheated because it tasted SO good! I even sat all of my ingredients out
    to double and triple check the calories. Im still in amazement of how good
    this tastes!!! You have NO idea how excited i am now that i can spice up my
    menu a bit. Still feel like i have cheated! THANKYOU!!

  4. @ginabeeman32 Thanks for the Great review! It is important to have some
    tasty dishes to get me through P2. I’m so glad you liked it, too!

  5. thank you SO SO much for this delicious, it added a warmth and much needed
    kick of flavor to a very bland HCG diet. It was so so good.

  6. Ok… I am SOOOO happy about this recipe idea! Yum! I used ground chicken,
    put it in a pot with a little water. Added Italian seasonings and salt,
    after that I added chopped garlic diced one tomato and let is simmer. Then
    I mixed it and it turned into meat sauce! YUM! It my fav so far. and when I
    dipped my melba toast in it! WEOOO! I was like garlic bread… YAY \o/…..
    Thank you!

  7. Day 5 done! -7 lbs! Day six we’ll see. Thanks for the recipe. Do you have
    any tips for late night? I have a lifetime of late night eating usually bad
    foods. Now, it looks like I’m limited to celery and tea. Any good celery

  8. Had this last night! It was great! I added some spice with some pepper
    flakes, tobasco and about a teaspoon of vinegar. Chili!! I’m from Texas, so
    I had to add some oomph! Yummmmm

  9. Ok so I made this dish, has a small bowl and I too feel like I totally
    cheated. I had a small cereal bowl worth and have enough for probably 4
    more servings so I don’t think I ate to much but I am sure full.

  10. omg.. it tasted soooooo…. goooood…. i added a little of mince garlic
    and mince ginger and wow it was off the chain… i loved it thank you so
    much please make more…

  11. Hi Please help. I cannot find any diced tomatoes or tomato paste without
    any sugar. I have tried all the local health food stores in my area????????

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  17. Um… Turkey is NOT allowed on the original protocol, not is mixing
    vegetables, unless you’re skipping your fruit and using your tomato as that.

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