hCG Diet Fat Fast Results – R2P2 VLCD3

UPDATE: I no longer support the idea of doing Fat Fast Days on the hCG Diet. I feel this could cause excess muscle loss on hCG instead of fat loss. Please se…

25 thoughts on “hCG Diet Fat Fast Results – R2P2 VLCD3

  1. Yay on being in new territory already!! So true about the whipping cream on
    the FF… I’ve been doing alternating VLCD and FF days like Nili, and I do
    miss the volume of food on the FF days. Coconut oil is a GREAT way to get
    your fat % up on those days too 🙂

  2. WOOHOO! You did awesome! Your totally my inspiration because I’m 5’1 too
    but still have a long way to go!

  3. Wow amazing results from the fat fast! you are doing fantastic. I’m doing a
    fat fast on Sunday.

  4. I looked back on your video and the before and after video was wonderful
    and you said what we all feel. Thanks very much

  5. Yay for you!! Great release!! Awesome that you are already below last
    rounds LIW!! Do you drink any detox teas?

  6. Your starting this journey like a beast amazing your results are amazing
    congrats on everything.

  7. @joeythegirl Thanks! Feeling so good about it! I am missing food though
    already….:( lol.

  8. @mlv620 Oh thank you for your comment- I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that
    is spoke to you. It has been quite a refreshing journey.

  9. @suziehayes1 Thank you- movin’ on down….we just missed each other on

  10. @melhcg808 Thank you! I was just wondering if the coconut oil works as well
    for a fat fast since it speeds your metabolism up, etc.- I really need to
    try those lemon truffles everyone talks about!

  11. Great loss girl! I keep meaning to tell you that I like your eye makeup the
    last few days! So excited that you are below LIW from last round!

  12. Wow that was a great loss!!! I have been doing well with the P3 going up
    and down within the 2 pound range…. But everyone doing these “DROP” days
    makes me want to kinda do something to go down instead of maintain…. I’m
    not at goal yet so what do you think of that??? HUGS How is mom doing?

  13. @littlerMEwithHCG I know it’s hard to see everyone losing weight- this is
    just my opinion, but I am VERY GLAD that I stabilized for that 2.5 months-
    I feel like that has a lot to do with why I didn’t gain very much for all
    the loading I did and I’m able to eat a lot without gaining weight- I feel
    if i hadn’t stabilized that wouldn’t have been the case- but as always- do
    what you think best!

  14. @Debaloo2 Oh thank you! Yeah instead of eating I put makeup on lol. In p3 I
    only have time to wear the same makeup everyday since I have to spend time
    eating. Haha.

  15. Good job on the FF day!! Awesome hon!! Thanks for the tip on the newbie;-)
    Love you! Laurie

  16. Whoo! Nice work on the fat fast! That’s awesome! I agree with you on the
    heavy cream on the fat fast. 😉

  17. I am so behind as well… I was thinking from what I had heard so far that
    the FF was a correction day idea, but, you did it early… Would love
    explanation about it along with misssarah8999!! Great luck on this R,
    Chica!! I am right there with ya!! 😀

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