HCG Diet Explanation(All 3 Phases)

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  1. please help – is it normal to feel brain fog, a bit restless and slightly
    dizzy/out of it with some head pressure from the injections? are they
    normal side effects and will they go away OR should i be concerned and
    stop? im only on the 1st day of the diet after my 2 day binge

  2. @sutramaya100 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you… I did the
    natural drops and don’t really know about the injections. I would always
    suggest asking the doctor you got them from if you have questions like
    that. Good luck…

  3. im about to enter in to phase 3 next week and im scared to gain weight what
    are some food choices you recommend i introduce back into my diet and what
    are some examples of menus and things i need to stay away from..what kind
    of dairy or grains are ok to eat? and how often should i eat?

  4. You are awesome well said.Can I do the Brazilian butt lift exercise while
    doing the HCG.

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