hCG Diet- End of Round 4- hCG Diet LDW

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- End of Round 4- hCG Diet LDW

  1. Wow, love that blue thing on the back of your chair! Yay to being done with
    Hcg!!! Now on to more food and more variety and enjoying your summer. Enjoy
    getting back into your fitness routine! I am missing mine, but it’s not
    cross fit :). I hope you continue to v log and keep us posted on how you
    are doing. Ohhh gonna keep us hangin?? xoxo

  2. Final 6 lbs. thank you do much for sharing your journey. I really want to
    get the nerve up to blog.

  3. LOL you tease. Looking forward to what you were talking about at the end of
    this vlog. Well, you did a good short round. WTG!

  4. I just placed my HCG order, please wish me luck, and FYI you look great.
    Thank you

  5. you look really good!!! and you have to do a vlog and let us in on the

  6. Awesome, glad you lost that much fat! I’m glad your listening to your body!
    Your son is so cute and your gator looks great today! Happy P3 lady

  7. So happy for you nearing the end of your journey. You’ve come soooo far!
    You are such a wise girl for not pushing your body, even though it was

  8. Oh don’t leave us hanging-LOL! You have have done so good and you look
    GREAT! Keep us posted on the resultls of your hydro test! Happy P3!!!

  9. Yeah it was tough!! I know- I’m so meticulous when it comes to wanting that
    project, whatever it is, to be perfect! Whether it be a quilt or a room I
    paint and decorate or gardening- sigh- it’s fun up to a point lol. You have
    been one of my inspirations for how far hcg could actually get me.

  10. Thank you! I definitely do feel great- actually today is p3 day 1 now and I
    feel even better now that I can eat a little more normal food. Lol- so
    sorry- totally didn’t do that cliffhanger thing on purpose at all- was
    going to mention my little “project” but then realized I was jumping the

  11. Yay for you too!! I’m already happy- had my first cup of black tea with my
    half and half that I missed- it was soooo enjoyable!!

  12. Thank you!! Yes- I’m anxious to get them done- would have done it sooner
    but decided it was best to re-test under the same circumstances as
    pre-round 4.

  13. I know so sorry! Totally didn’t mean to do that honest- just realized I was
    going to speak too soon! I get ahead of myself sometimes cuz I get excited

  14. I totally didn’t mean to honest!! It just started coming out and I realized
    it really isn’t time to share! I got ahead of myself and already recorded
    that vlog like 4 times lol- didn’t want to do again! Thanks- I’m amazed how
    that short round felt just as long as a long round this time- time totally
    dragged! But it was worth it….

  15. LOl!! so sorry! Totally didn’t mean to do that- just realized I was jumping
    the gun- I’ll try to hurry and finish so I can share!

  16. Woohoo! Good on you for kicking butt in your round! 6 pounds of fat is
    great! Re the chronic tiredness: sometimes I wonder if as we shed our old
    fat, we revisit some of the old symptoms we had back when we put that fat
    on… eg symptoms of illness, fatigue etc… Just a theory, but I’ve
    observed it in myself. Love! xx

  17. 6 lbs fat, 1 lb lean – 85.71% was fat loss (pending hydro verification) –
    interesting that as close to goal as you are you STILL did 1% better than
    Dr Emma’s data in the land of Oz.

  18. You can personal message me through youtube- if you look at my channel page
    you should see a place near or next to my youtube name that says “send
    message”- do you see anything like that? If not, let me know.

  19. I am going to need your help completley i have this illusion in my mind
    that i will have 3 rounds and do it them one after another. But Wat about

  20. Hi Athena! For my part, I strongly recommend taking the designated breaks
    between HCG rounds- that would be a long time to be on such a restrictive
    diet to do it back to back like that. It has been done, but I don’t think
    it would particularly healthy for your body- it’s good to do it a bit at a
    time I think and let your body get reenergized and recovered with breaks
    and eating lots of healthy whole foods between rounds- just my two cents.

  21. website still not working, and i would like to watch your youtube from
    start to finish of where you are at. Is there a way to put them in line?

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