HCG Diet Drops – My Goal

Me talking about my goals for the HCG Diet, i’m so awkward in this video! haha Apparently I like to mumble at times too, so sorry about that :-P.

9 thoughts on “HCG Diet Drops – My Goal

  1. Good luck to you. From what I have seen… 17 plus pounds is very doable so
    I am sure you will be pleased!!!! Oh someone asked about ketostix, they can
    be found at any drug store or Walmart … Target … Kroger etc…
    Sometimes behind the counter or with diabetic supplies.

  2. @bellavida1216 Hey I got mine at Shopper’s Drug MArt – just cause I was
    there! I think you can get them at Wal-Mart for less. Like maybe $6.00?
    Mine were $8.50 so still not bad. Thanks! I cant wait to see how it goes 🙂

  3. @bellavida1216 I asked the pharmacist and he had them behind the counter,
    not sure if thats what they always do or not?

  4. @HCGMom522 Lol I have two as well! I keep mixing them up! I answered your
    questions to your old one 🙂

  5. @HcgHousewife Thanks! I’m just gonna tell myself one day at a time because
    I think I will get too overwhelmed if I let myself worry about the entire
    40 days of VLCD ahead! I WILL be strong!! haha

  6. Fear not, you don’t have to put away all of your makeup. You have to
    remember that when the book “Pounds and Inches” was written in 1954, and
    back then, almost all makeup was oil-based. Nowadays, there are a lot of
    water based liquid products, not to mention mineral makeup which is
    approved for the protocol. The 2 things that I have concerned myself with
    are body lotion, conditioner, and chapstick. 🙂 Besides, have I ever posted
    a video sans makeup? No way! lol

  7. @HCGAng Hhaha I just PM’d you and then saw this lol! We are the same
    height! Perfect, that gives me an idea of how much I will lose. Thanks 🙂

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