hCG Diet Dictionary- What Do All Those hCG Diet Terms Mean? Part 1

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24 thoughts on “hCG Diet Dictionary- What Do All Those hCG Diet Terms Mean? Part 1

  1. If you guys have any info to add, please feel free to add in comments- more
    terms coming in next video, but if you have anything to add to the terms I
    covered, I figure the more info the better!

  2. I so appreciate this video! It can be very confusing when your just
    starting 🙂

  3. You look so cute, great vlog…. I thought our LIW was our weight on the
    DAY OF our last injection , not the day after ???

  4. I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure it’s the day after last injection-
    good question I will double check okay?

  5. Hey I think you might be right! “As long as their weight stays within two
    pounds of the weight reached on the day of the last injection,”- I can’t
    believe I had that wrong lol! Talk about a huge error- I could have sworn
    that I read somewhere that it was the weight the morning following the last
    injection- I wonder how I got that idea- thanks for pointing it out! I will
    annotate it for sure!

  6. Wheww thanks! I just anotated and told people to ignore me lol. I think
    because I don’t really use that guide anymore since I’ve been crossfitting
    and doing the building muscle thing I haven’t look at it closely in awhile-
    thanks again!

  7. Aaaaaaw no problem, glad i could help … you do amazing work for this
    community so THANK YOU : )

  8. You’re so welcome. 🙂 8 lbs is awesome! Thanks for the compliment- I feel
    really good to.

  9. hope i am not bothering you but i have a question…..TOM is due today or
    tomorrow…is there anything i can do to avoid/prevent a stall or gain from
    it? seems like alot of people talk about gaining then. i am worried!

  10. yes it does! I don’t think I covered that term in part 1- it’s coming in
    part 2…

  11. I think if you try to keep in your mind that any weight you gain or don’t
    lose is really most likely just water retention that might help you
    mentally. Often I find that while my body holds on to water etc. during
    this time, I often will have a larger than usual loss after my period
    starts- so try to see it through- if you try to avoid excess salt during
    this time that could probably help.

  12. love your little rocker. youa re adorable thank you for all theinfo you
    just pour out!!! thumbs upp girl.

  13. yes you are on p2- that’s the part of the diet where you are losing weight
    on vlcd.

  14. I wanna go to a 46 day round I’m on 23rd day. I haven’t skipped a shot
    should I only do a six a week shot?? Also how long after p3 do I have to
    wait after stabilizing to do another round?? Do I have to do a p4???

  15. I have 20 MLs left in my vile of bwater. Can I use it again I didn’t
    refridgerate it

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