hCG Diet Community Video Project – Submit a Video for Episode 3!

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10 thoughts on “hCG Diet Community Video Project – Submit a Video for Episode 3!

  1. No way I’m not sick of you at all- in fact I really loved your contribution
    so far! Please do submit a video!

  2. I created a video to contribute, but it was longer than 2 minutes and I
    forgot to mention that I have released 90lbs so far….Would you like me to
    share it anyway? its 3:40 – yikes!

  3. It’s kind of unique to your body, but the vast majority seem to feel the
    least hunger on either 150ius or 125ius but sometimes you still have to
    tweak it from there. I hope that helps!

  4. Yes that helps! Also one more question pleeease! U mention 1:1 I have an
    hcg vial (11,000iu) and Bac. water 11ml…should i use all the water or
    would 8ml (recommended by someone else) be ok?

  5. You can probably do that but you will then have to do some math to figure
    out where to draw up on the syringe to equal however many iu’s you want to
    take- this will be different depending on how you mix- so definitely a
    little math involved.

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