HCG Diet charm day after Birthday Steak and Cake VLCD day 33.

VLDC day 33 no injections (TOM) Day after BD and still lost .02 Mag cake and steak day off protocol.

16 thoughts on “HCG Diet charm day after Birthday Steak and Cake VLCD day 33.

  1. What a great birthday slideshow! So you name is Beth?! How cool to know =D
    I’m so glad you had a wonderful bday AND a great release! WOOHOO!!! Love ya

  2. Excellent job!!! Perfect Birthday! So sweet that your family supports you
    SO much!!!

  3. Wow! I need to try a mug cake soon!! Happy Birthday!! Yum, that slushy
    looked good!!

  4. I think I’m gonna do the same and have mug cake on my birthday. I’ll be on
    VLCD15. Yummy looking fajitas!!

  5. LOL looks like you had a great birthday and had a great present! Everything
    looked delish!!! Keep it going! HUGS

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  7. it amazes me the amount that we eat. my old self would have thought that
    that wasn’t enough food and i’m going to starve. wow!!! this protocol
    really changes your view of food. i’m happy you enjoyed your bday.

  8. Looks like a fun day for you!! I have a Ninja also & love it!!! glad you
    had a great day & enjoyed your steak & mug cake and had a nice loss
    after!!!! You are doing really great!!

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