HCG Diet-Burn 1400 Calories A Day Treadmill Workout

http://colinfwatson.com HCG Diet Exercise Burn 1400 Calories A Day HCG diet phase 2 cardio EOD Two session of cardio on a treadmill with 15% incline 4.2 MPH …

25 thoughts on “HCG Diet-Burn 1400 Calories A Day Treadmill Workout

  1. I mentioned before that i did the hhcg… The only thing with me is
    sticking myself with needles.. Im very interested in your workout plan.. I
    think i would go with the insanity workout along with static contraction
    weight lifting.. Im trying to figure this all out!!! I

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  15. Melatonin made me more depressed…I have been trying 5htp but it doesn’t
    work too well for me. 

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