HCG Diet – Are HCG drops as effective as injections?

The HCG Diet http://www.LocalHCG.com (801) 829-5457 This video explains the differences between sublingual HCG drops and prescription HCG injections. Which w…

9 thoughts on “HCG Diet – Are HCG drops as effective as injections?

  1. @saintprovogirl I am sorry you view it that way. Not spam, just education.
    A lot of individuals have questions and we have created these videos to
    help answer the many questions pertaining to the HCG drops and protocol.
    Take a look at the rest and you’ll understand we are an educational
    resource. Thanks 🙂

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  3. I’ll second that, this isn’t spam. It is a company providing info. You
    could watch this video and use the info to purchase the product from any
    number of vendors. I think that SaintProvoGirl has too much time on her
    hands. I got one the other day that was a guy explaining his ‘system’ for
    making money, and the text attached was all about why I should buy into it.
    Do you know what I did? Nothing. I didn’t watch the video, and ignored the
    message. And that was total spam.

  4. This is a great debate. I also say not spam. Old Spice Man? Maybe.
    Definitely not this.

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