hCG Diet and Exercise – When it’s Not Such a Hot Idea

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet and Exercise – When it’s Not Such a Hot Idea

  1. Regarding “muscle,” you’re correct: what you’re gaining back is simply
    muscle glycogen which is counted as “lean mass” when body fat is tested.
    For each gram of carbohydrate (glycogen) we store in our muscles, we retain
    3 grams of water, all of which counts toward lean mass. When we cut
    carbohydrates, we lose our glycogen and water. If I go low carb for 2 or 3
    days while doing any type of high intensity exercise — weights or running
    — I can drop nearly 10 lbs. in just a few days.

  2. I am doing colin Watson’s Body For Life protocol and work out up to 6 days
    a week on p2 …. his protocol is a lot different (morebprotein, food
    choices and portions) I only lost 29 pounds on the scale but this was by
    far my best round my body totally transformed in 80 days !! I lost more
    inches thiw round than ever before : ) colin told me for every 20 pounds
    lost we ahould gain 5 pounds of muscle on his protocol while on p2

  3. That is so awesome girl- it’s so fantastic that you can do this. I actually
    have his whole protocol in my posession too! His was the original one I
    downloaded over 2 years ago. I wasn’t healthy enough then to even be
    exercising off p2, let alone on P2, but not at least I can exercise in
    daily life. You are so right you look totally different! That’s why for
    those people who can exercise on P2 it is truly beneficial I believe too.

  4. Thank you for that- it totally makes sense- I think it’s so important to
    clarify and be aware of these things, or I would have felt like a total r5
    “failure” lol. Since I didn’t eat fruits or grissini on P2 the way I did
    the diet was SUPER low carb- but the cool thing is it was nice to see how
    much fat I lost and maintained the loss of while not losing strength in the
    grand scheme of things once my glycogen stores were re-filled after.

  5. Hi, great job on the 3 exercise vlog. I do not exercise on p2 but do walk
    my dog every day at a low to moderate walk . I recognize that it’s
    different for everyone but I am definitely going to look into the adrenal
    fatigue as it never occurred to me that HCG combined with exercise could
    add additional stress.

  6. oh thank you. Yes- I’m hoping that most people are not like me, but for
    those who are, I get wiped out doing anything too “normal” on hCG.

  7. So glad I found you videos I’m r1p2vlcd10 and things couldn’t be better!!

  8. Hi can you tell me if you still using T3, just curious if when you stop
    using it if your Thyroid kicks in. Congrats on your success, saw an old
    video and you look amazing. Also do you do the hcg shots or drops?

  9. Hi there- I am on a very tiny dose of t3 now- 12.5 mcg very early in the
    morning at about 6a.m. I used to be on 87.5mcg for 2 years, then eventually
    was actually able to get off it entirely, and now for the last few months
    I’ve been on this 12.5mcg dose which I do seem to need. I think my crossfit
    is what has enabled my thyroid to function better now. I have always used
    hCG injections myself- mixing it myself of course etc. I like them because
    it’s the surest form of delivery.

  10. Thanks for responce, i want to take T3 to speed up my metabolism and
    hopefully have more energy and work out every day, although i had my
    thyroid checked and it was 3.46 which is within healthy range, i wonder if
    i will mess up my thyroid by taking them

  11. It’s so hard to say if the thyroid function is “healthy” by those lab
    standards you know? The thing with t3 though is that since it’s very quick
    acting, you’ll know right away if it’s helping or hurting- if I take more
    than 12.5mcg now, I feel overstimulated, which translates into too fast
    heart rate, a slightly anxious feeling, and, what might seem funny,
    fatigue- it’s like fatigue because it’s too much for your body. I wouldn’t
    take it if I was in good health though- only if necessary.

  12. 3.46 isn’t necessarily the right range for you though you know? Have you
    gotten to read on stopthethyroidmadness? (search on google- yt won’t let me
    put link lol) Tons of great thyroid info on there.

  13. Wow im confused, why do you say its not the right range for me? i will
    search the stopthethyroidmadness

  14. well I just mean one person at that level might feel great, and another
    person at that level might feel crappy. Since I had hashimoto’s, it didn’t
    matter that my thyroid levels were within range- I felt horribly crappy and
    we had to get my t3 levels to the very highest end of normal on the labs
    before I felt like a normal person.

  15. doing my third round in a week, lost 30 lbs already thanks for your videos
    and being honest and super informative. getting my summer body finally!!!!

  16. Hit the nail on the head with this (as in many)… Awesome thumbs up vlog!
    Time this weekend? Been making notes : ) Love ya!

  17. Wow that is amazing, my symptoms have been fatigue, no desire to do
    anything, no energy, and not able to lose weight as i did in the past, i
    use to always be able to lose weight when i tried pretty fast, did you have
    similar symptoms and you feel fine now? also i started taking 25 mcg of
    Cytomel per day is that too low? I really want to feel like my old self
    again, Thanks you so much for responding.

  18. Aww thanks donna- you are so sweet- hearing that from you makes me feel
    really good. 🙂

  19. Yay I’m so happy for you! 30 lbs is fantastic. I really do try to be honest
    so thank you for recognizing it. take care!

  20. I am taking 25 mcg per day do you think i should increase it after 2 weeks
    to 50? does the body adjust to it and needs more? I need it because i been
    very fatigued and not able to lose weight on strict diet as i did before,
    and even with exercise i find it hard to lose weight, as in the past the
    weight use to melt off, so its strange how things have changed for me.

  21. hey there- I’m going to PM you okay- too hard to give good info in these
    comments and not being able to post links…look in your inbox in a sec.

  22. There are 2 locations listed on my buy hcg page of my blog hcgchica- you
    can see the link in the description box of this video- I have used the hCG
    from both sources personally.

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