hCG Diet: A look at the longer term, deeper, benefits of the hCG Diet

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet: A look at the longer term, deeper, benefits of the hCG Diet

  1. I am so glad that HCG has helped; thanks for sharing. I definitely believe
    more people need to hear this. 🙂

  2. Fantastic vlog- I am so happy to see your continued success!!! You know, I
    am still waiting for a vlog of you in crossfit action!!!

  3. @LynnCC01 Hey girl! I never even thought of getting a vid of that until you
    suggested it awhile back- it does keep popping back into my mind here and
    there- I will definitely try to do it sometime this month ok? I felt a
    little shy being the newbie at crossfit but now I’m starting to feel more
    comfy there so I wouldn’t mind as much asking someone to video maybe- keep
    your eyes out!

  4. @pinuppaperdoll Thank you! Just wanted to share that there is happiness
    after weightloss!

  5. I’m Happy for you Chica, It’s great your stabalizing your fat while
    improving muscle strength (smiley face) Best wishes Sally

  6. I was wondering about my thyroid med, if the dosage would change, i’m due
    for blood work and to see the doctor in May, look forward to see if it

  7. Thanks for sharing. There was so much information in here that will help so
    many others. Great job.

  8. I agree HCG should be thought of as the beginning of a fitness makeover!
    It’s so much more than just an aid to weight loss. =) Glad to hear your
    journey is bringing you unexpected and welcome surprises.

  9. @carissahcg Sure! Just sent via fb……that is a good question re the t3
    and something I have wondered about in a few of my vlogs as well- it’s
    certainly possible since from what I read the body actually makes/uses
    between 40-50mcg of t3 per day- since I had to take 87.5mcg/day to feel
    good, I’m assuming half my problem was my body receptor sites not taking up
    the t3 so I had to flood my system for the t3 to get a chance to latch on-
    and who knows where the “excess” t3 went then you know?

  10. @carissahcg it’s obvious being chronically ill for several years and
    possibly the muscle loss on Round 1 made me a lot more weak than I should
    be when you look at me- i am having to kick butt to recover those years-
    it’s like my muscles look like they should be able to “do” a lot more than
    they can for their size- so there is definitely something to that- I’m so
    glad I caught it early so I could control these last 2 rounds. Thanks for
    bringing that up too for others to take note of.

  11. @nilihcg Oh I’m glad! I just wanted to bring some sunshine in because I
    know being near/at the end can be scary sometimes.

  12. @marciiee Thank you so much! It really has been some wonderful unexpected
    things, even though partway through my journey I had some “fall of the
    wagon” periods of time- but overall I got way ahead of where I started
    originally- it’s worth fighting for!

  13. @Givingitmyall2011 Danca! You are such an inspiration yourself and it’s so
    awesome to see how far so many of us have come using hcg!

  14. Always love your v logs 🙂 So great that Hcg has transformed so much of
    your life for the better!! Great to see you are still doing well and
    stabilizing, building muscle!!

  15. @delmem Hey! Thanks for sending a body my way btw….:)…it’s true I think
    that when one is overweight, the biggest focus is getting your appearance
    to your liking again, but after a time, we can try to refocus on the bigger
    picture of what we will get out of it- which is much richer! Yep- pretty
    much if the media, or anything “respected” in the mainstream approves or
    says something is healthy, I go the opposite way and assume they’re totally
    wrong long lol.

  16. Thanks for your info. 🙂 Do you do injections or sublingual? What are your
    thoughts on both?

  17. hi got my rx hcg in on saterday mixed and have been taking subling. im more
    hunrgry on this kind then the hcg plus drops i was taking … should i up
    my dose . i dont want to overdose on it .. can you let me know if uping it
    from 2 times a day to 3 is ok 🙂 ? thank you so much your awseome .. and
    thank you 🙂

  18. As you get healthier and start exercising you definitly see changes
    everywhere. I like that view. People get stuck on HCG but once HCG helps
    you get comfortable in your skin you can then begin a healthy lifestyle!
    Awesome as usual!!

  19. I came here because I just started hcg. Now,I think I have found something
    more important.Your story about your thyroid sounds JUST like what I have
    been experiencing. My energy levels started getting wonky in college and I
    was tested then and everything looked normal. Now I basically have NO
    energy for anything and I used to be a VERY productive person. You have
    given me the push that I needed to go get myself re-tested. I’m 29 and I
    have no social life because of this. Thank you!!!

  20. Hey Sugar Pants. I have spent the past two days catching up on your vlogs.
    I’m so happy you made this about life after p2. I recorded one the other
    day about p4 and how you should be eating. I can’t believe your are doing
    another round. You have kicked ass and are so tiny! Neway You are such a
    good example of being persistent, keeping track of your goals, and making
    sure you maintain your work.

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