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  1. exactly my thoughts… why is the women in the purple who is for HCG the
    same size as the guy who is “Overweight”?

  2. eat healthy and exercise is all you really need specially if you have a
    partner to help

  3. LOL these people are full of shit if they had tried everything they
    wouldn’t be fat…the fact of the matter is it is another band-aid and just
    another from of binge eating which at least three of those idiots are
    victims of….

  4. Man if people would do their research BEFORE they open their mouths or let
    their fingers fly then they might change what they say. There are MANY
    people who have had success on this and others who can talk about others
    who can.

  5. eating right and exercise are good components but it does not work for
    EVERYONE… I have done everything.. weight watchers, paleo diet, Atkins,
    low carb, high carb, clean eating, low cal and even though I followed
    everything to the letter my weight did not budge, once I tried HCG the fat
    came off easily and has not come back. Everyone has an opinion and it
    should be respected but you can’t use a one cure for everyone. The study
    that the doctor is mentioning was actually

  6. biased and skewed to show that HCG did not work. They did not follow the
    protocol that is supposed to be followed. They fed the patients regular
    food which you are not supposed to use.

  7. i don’t agree with how the hcg diet was introduced. my boyfriend’s mother
    and i both did 2 rounds of the hcg diet. it was incredible! we weren’t
    hungry, we had more energy and the weightloss was beautiful! no loose skin
    and my muscles began to relearn how to become more toned as we did running
    and cardio. i everyone is different though which is why this couple
    probably were “too tired” to exercise. the protocol calls for walking and
    cardio, but no over exertion like weight lifting.

  8. i would recommend the hcg diet to people who are obese, at least 20lbs
    overweight, women with stubborn baby-fat, stubborn weight put on by
    birthcontrol, or medication. this is not a diet to get the desired look of
    a model, or to get super thin on its’ own. this diet is a stepping stone to
    re-learn how to have a healthy attitude towards food and a healthy
    lifestyle. you don’t put any of the weight back on after the protocol
    because your metabolism & thyroid is reset to normal function.

  9. The old 1950 Simeons 500 calorie per day diet is terrible! Add to the fact
    that most people use hCG drops which have 0.001% of hCG inside. In order to
    work without the side effects, you must go to a doctor who has modernized
    the old protocol into one that is safe, allowing you to eat more calories
    while still losing 1 lb per day along with using the injections
    (prescription). I went to Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss after trying
    the old protocol 888-934-4451

  10. I am sorry but I finally am see results in 6 weeks of eating healthy carbs,
    low fats and doing a reccomended diet from my doctor I only lost 1 pound
    and yes I worked out for 45 minutes. In two days I lost 6 pounds, can’t
    knock it till you try.

  11. Hey there! Have you thought about cleverous 402 diet (do a search on
    google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my work buddy lost
    tons of weight with it.

  12. I don’t care if u try it but I have lost 50 lbs in 31/2 months without
    cutting back calories to much just eating clean and exercising I’m getting
    strong building a physique. I haven’t seem anybody on this diet that
    actually looks healthy and fit just less fat.

  13. How to Use Human Choriogonadotropin (HCG) for Diet Control, they work but
    the diet is important in the equation. Checkout my news

  14. A lot of people think it’s so unsafe and like you’re starving yourself, but
    my friend even tried the hcg diet and she lost a big amount of weight and
    she looks great! she was obviously a bit hungry sometimes, but it used all
    her fat and she didn’t have any side affects 🙂

  15. if hgc takes away hunger and it’s a pregnancy hormone, why are pregnant
    women always hungry?

  16. Hello! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some
    amazing things about it and my father got hot Six pack abs and lost tons of
    belly fat with it.

  17. Omg that lady said she feels bypass is safer she is full is shhhhhhhhh

  18. One round could be depends how much u have to lose it could be from 21 days
    to 44 I’m on the 44 because I need to loose more than 30lbs

  19. Any one read anything about this popular cookbook known as Chef 790
    Secrets? My dad lost around 15 extra pounds in a month or so just after
    cooking the tasty recipes! You can just google the site I can not recall
    the address.

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