hCG Diet- 124.4 lbs, 18.8 lbs lost in 28 days so far, R3P2D27-28 124.4, Pep Talk on hCG!

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25 thoughts on “hCG Diet- 124.4 lbs, 18.8 lbs lost in 28 days so far, R3P2D27-28 124.4, Pep Talk on hCG!

  1. LOVE this vlog! I remember when I did Round 1 – I had nights where the
    sugar cravings were nuts and going to bed with it too. Since my Round 2,
    I’ve had several major life stresses at once, but just kind of realized
    today after watching debaloo2’s vlog that with everything I’ve been through
    the last 3.5 months, of course it’s going to be hard to do this diet.
    However, life seems to be on an uphill turn for the better, so this Round
    will be my awesome round! Thanks for being so positive! 🙂

  2. Wow… that is great that you have lost so much…Great v log…I think
    that it is great that you chart so many different things… I think it is
    soooooo important to journal everything… I would not have been as
    successful if I did not journal and make those changes, that I needed to
    for my body to get to the next step.. You learn so much from listening to
    your body and watching how it reacts to different things. you are doing so

  3. I totally agree- there are some difficult days but then there are totally
    reasonable days and days that are so easy you wonder why people think this
    is hard at all. You just have to bear the hard days and plan for challenges
    the best you can. Have emergency plans (McDonald’s McDouble, hold the bun,
    cheese and ketchup + apple dippers, 215 calories or worse comes to worse a
    1 oz bag of mac nuts in my purse) and emergency precooked meals in the
    freezer. It’s only a month or so!!!

  4. Once again, you are such a smart cookie! I’m amazed at your common sense at
    your age :). Love your vlogs! Thanks for your honesty; I agree, this diet
    is GREAT, but this diet is HARD, very hard! But worth it!!

  5. Looking good girl!!! You have had a very good round emotionally, mentally &
    physically!! Great vlog!! I’m glad that you did not give up & decided to do
    another round. I start p3 tomorrow… I sure hope I do not go crazy!! Hard
    boiled eggs for breakfast!!! I just did 34vlcd’s. My body fat is in the
    normal and I feel like I am small enough. Keep on going with this round!!

  6. I love this Vblog, you read my mind on how I felt today :o) I am so happy
    for you in the 124!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amazing! I really needed this to encourage me to sick with this. Great to
    know it will get easier. I really thought I was the only one struggling
    through my 1st round. You are a sweetheart. Thank you:)

  8. Hi Chica Thanks for letting us know about your struggles. It gives us all
    hope that we can all break through that losing and gaining back barrier
    ,,that everybody hates . You’ve made it through to the otherside. Well done
    and thanks for your encouragement and taking the guilt away from those of
    us who can’t quite ee the light at the end of the tunnel YET. Luv ya Sally

  9. @homemovies1961 I’m glad it was helpful- I’m sure I’ll still continue to
    have tough periods as I try to maintain my new weight, but we can all do
    this- we just have to figure out those underlying reasons for things being
    hard at times. Take care.

  10. @TheJujubee68 I’m so glad it was encouraging to you- you are def. no alone
    when it comes to being hard- I never call my mom for help- I’m very
    independent by nature but that day I was like HELP!!! I felt so trapped
    since of course you can’t just cheat one day and have it not affect- I was
    like- how can I wait even 3 days for the hcg to get out of my system so I
    can eat some junk food? It does feel better and it’s a really good thing to
    get through those detox periods and feel free afterwards.

  11. @HcgSkinnyB I’m really starting to feel ready for p3 too! You have done so
    amazing and lost so much- you look fantastic- you can go into p3 feeling
    pretty proud of yourself!!

  12. @liveurlifesun I’m so glad it was encouraging- I wanted people to know that
    we have all struggled and that it is easier some days. I know I can’t
    believe it either- 124!!!

  13. @justgranny45 It’s all because of my religion really- I was raised a
    certain way, then had lots of health problems since 23 years old so it sure
    has taught me a lot. Thanks for your kind compliments.

  14. @HcgCharm Thanks! I never thought I’d be a person who could say they have
    lost 65 pounds. And if I hadn’t had to relose some I’d be done after that
    many pounds lol. Yeah it has truly been helpful for me to track all these
    things- it helps me feel in control when something different comes up and
    gives me options of what to adjust. You have done great as well- you have
    lost so much- you don’t even look like the same person in your before and
    after pics!

  15. Great vlog! It is true that we need to pat ourselves on the back
    occasionally and say good job!!! I really think that it is amazing how much
    you keep track of and pay attention to how your body reacts to certain
    things. That would have to make it easier to know what NOT to do….
    holding to that is the hard part. I agree that this diet can be hard but
    the rewards so far outweigh the difficulties if you can just hold on….
    Good job!!! HUGS

  16. @KonaSunshineHCG You’re so right- when things come up constantly that you
    have to deal with, it can really make it difficult- any success in light of
    those other things is something to be proud of. This round I didn’t make
    any social plans, didn’t go out, or have stressful events going on-
    purposely planned it that way because I knew that would mess me up mentally
    on this diet- sometimes it’s not always possible to arrange it like though
    and you have do the best you can do in your situation.

  17. I think we need to change your name from HCG Chica to HCG Coach. Your words
    are so encouraging and wise.

  18. The tough times certainly do pass…. thank goodness! Sometimes… one day
    at a time …lol. You are doing absolutely wonderful!

  19. You are just amazing!! You always have the best advice and you’re so
    positive and caring. I love your sweet encouraging comments. I feel like
    you have such a wonderful perspective of this diet and you’re very in tune
    with your body because you have to be. I can’t imagine doing this diet with
    the healthy problems that you struggle with. You are such a strong and
    motivating woman! =D Congrats on 124!!!!

  20. @stepharoo85 Aww thanks! I do like that I’ve become more in tune with my
    body over the years. Thanks for watching and being so supportive. I wanted
    to be encouraging today because I know some are struggling more than others
    on p2.

  21. @Givingitmyall2011 Thank you so much!! You are right- getting through one
    day- or just one evening when cravings are the worst, is what you have to
    focus on.

  22. Ur such a great inspiration! I love how you shared your good and your bad
    on the rounds! IT is tough. It can be done though. Very proud of you!

  23. go CHICA!!!! Girl i’m proud of you. Especially for keeping it REAL. There
    are real struggles out there.

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