HCG Check In…Feeling better! Discussing plans for meet up in TN

Just checking in with everyone…. feeling more human! Please send MsHcGGirl or me a message here or FB if you have an interest in the meet up! Everyone is w…

25 thoughts on “HCG Check In…Feeling better! Discussing plans for meet up in TN

  1. Hey darlin!! I get so excited when I see your name pop up in my email that
    you have posted a vlog!! I wish you all were not so far away from me :(.
    Your meet up sounds wonderful!!! SO happy you are feeling better. That
    tummy crud is really giving folks fits this year! Back to feeling better
    for you, yay!!! Luff ya!!

  2. glad you are feeling “human” again! you look beautiful, as always!! a
    meet up??? where??? let me know. thanks!!

  3. Boo to the tummy bug! Glad you are feeling better and on the mend. Your
    hair is gorgeous that color! Love it!! A meet up… how fun. Things are up
    in the air for me and my family… a possible move to Colorado in late
    summer, so who knows?! 🙂 Hugs!!

  4. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!! HOW EXCITING about the meet-up!!!!!!! I’m so happy you’re
    feeling better!!!!!! Just LOVE YOU GIRL and YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  5. So happy you are feeling better. Stomach bug is no bueno. You always light
    up my screen with your incredible smile & energy. I love watching you
    check-ins . . . Witnessing you maintaining gives me so much hope!!! Ahhh, I
    just love knowing that maybe, I, too, can do it. Hugs, beautiful. 🙂 

  6. You definitely need to get well soon!
    Your hair is gorgeous!!!
    Yea…girl! Lets get our socializing on!
    Time for some FIREWORKS!!! Baby you’re a FIREWORK….♫♪♫♪♫ lol!!! love it!
    Anyone reading this that wants to come, contact me or Donna PM please !

  7. Shazam!! You look super with that hair color and style! Chris and I are
    looking forward to a family get away in TN and will be celebrating our 22nd
    wedding anniversary that weekend!! XO

  8. Looking gorgeous as usual. Had to check out your vlog before I get ready
    for work this morning. Tennessee Meet up will have to discuss with hubs
    about that one. hee Hugs to you and happy you’re feeling better. xoxo

  9. Hey Gorgeous! Love your hair…looks so pretty! So sorry you’ve been
    feeling under the weather…but happy it’s better now 🙂 Sounds like you
    guys will have a great time in Tennessee!!

  10. So glad your better today. Love you. Sure hope to be able to go. I haven’t
    got the invite you talked about. You look beautiful. Hugs and love

  11. Thanks for chekcing in 🙂 glad you feel BETTERRRR
    i already told MsHCGGIRL that im a maybe … need a bit more info and to
    figure out where ill be.. if i’ll be around so when you have more info let
    me know 😀 XOXO

  12. So glad you’re feeling better! You look amazing as usual. I need to get
    back on a round and get back to this wonderful community. Stay well

  13. Hi beautiful Donna! I’m so glad your starting to feel better. Your meet up
    sounds wonderful!!! Hugs -Jen

  14. So glad u r feeling better!! Ya that stomach big hit the west coast bad!
    Going around for sure! U look gorgeous and tan! Feel good xo

  15. You already know I’m going. Sounds like lots of fun. Glad you are finally
    feeling better….MWAH!! Talk to ya a little later.

  16. Oh my gosh, I am going to be in Gatlinburg Sept 29th – Oct 4th, I dont know
    if I can make the trip twice in a month, but I SURE WANT TOOOO!! 

  17. Looking beautiful! I went through a really bad bug too! Hope you are
    feeling better! Love <3

  18. I’m so glad you are feeling better! Nice too see you! I bet y’all are gonna
    have fun on the meet up!!!

  19. The Tennessee meetup is more of a possibility for me than the Vegas since
    we live in NC. I am a caregiver for my Mom, a lot of whether or not the
    hubs and I could come will depend upon Mom’s health at the time. Sad to
    say the hubs and I haven’t taken 1 vacation since our marriage in 2008, and
    it’s solely due to helping taking care of my Mom. But a long weekend does
    also increase the chances versus a week long vacay. Glad you’re rid of the
    bug. Back in January I had 2 drs appts in one day (well one was taking Mom
    to hers and the other was mine). Almost 6 hrs after the 2nd dr’s appt I
    developed a nasty vomit/diarr virus, thank God Mom didn’t! 

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