HCg, bruised butt & a couple of recipes

Sauerkraut Vlog I followed here: http://youtu.be/6gObQR5Vm4M Kombucha Recipe Yes, there’s sugar but that is what the scoby feeds on to ferment and you don’t …

25 thoughts on “HCg, bruised butt & a couple of recipes

  1. I look forward to your videos. You have inspired me to stay positive and

  2. glad the chiro was able to adjust you back! you do NOT look like a harlot
    lol! rock on lol! love you!!! xoxo

  3. Oh! I am not active on the FB account because it’s become too difficult to
    sort out hCG comments and all the other postings. I rarely, if ever go on
    my hCG FB account.

  4. Thanks Robin! How much have you lost all together? I’m going to be looking
    through your vlogs here pretty soon to get some ideas for a card making
    retreat I’m going on. I want to make a set of cards for 7 colleagues as
    Christmas presents this year. The retreat is in October so I need to start
    the planning stage soon so I have all the supplies I need with me. I only
    dabble in this so I don’t have much.

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment! I am addicted to watching your journey! I
    cannot wait to see your final round soon. I hope my backside feels better
    soon as well. Ugh. xoxoxox

  6. LOL! You would be surprised how many comments I have received about that
    hand sign I make. I thought it was a no-brainer what it meant. Oh well. I’m
    not going to stop using it. I got up this morning and our hater started a
    new channel this morning! 1-2-3, block!

  7. Glad I can inspire. I know I too get inspired by everyone who comments and
    those who make videos too. yes, yes, stay positive and do this!

  8. I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were lurking out there.
    Girl, make a vlog.

  9. That dog has so much muscle. There were men at the party trying to hold her
    back with the leash when she was trying to get near me and they could
    hardly hold her back. She’s just a baby, not knowing her strength and

  10. Oh, you are definitely a very resourceful! Thanks for sharing and hope your
    tail bone heals quickly. hugs to you!

  11. hey you are looking good and doing a great job. keep up the job. I am your
    new subbie.

  12. OMG. I am a newbie as they say, but i have been watching your vlogs for
    weeks now. you look amazing!!! i am still at the round 2 vlogs and thought
    i would fast forward to see how you are going. i can’t believe the change
    in you. I knew you could do it. I have been trying to subscribe to you, but
    can’t for some reason. Hope you get to watch my new vlogs. You have been a
    big part of them. Take care and i hope your world is Golden 🙂 I am from
    Melbourne. Australia

  13. I can tell from looking at your arms and shoulder width that you are really
    trimming down! We really need our friends to tell us these things cuz
    sometimes our perception of ourselves is not accurate and we don’t realize
    how different we look…it’s like there is time delay and it’s all in our
    heads.Shopped all day with friends yesterday and they were saying no, you
    need a smaller size, can’t you see? that’s too big on you, you’re skinny
    now! Got new skinny jeans, what a reward for myself!

  14. How much have you lost total. I could not find it. I am new and you are
    certainly a great inspiration.

  15. U have done great HD, u r inspiring an thank u for keeping this log of your
    journey. Be Blessed an have a beautiful new yr. Namaste’

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