HCG before and after pics! 28lbs Gone!

My first round was a success! Here are some before and after pics of R1P2!

25 thoughts on “HCG before and after pics! 28lbs Gone!

  1. Did you stay in P2 the whole 53 days until you reached your goal weight?
    You are my hero and look awesome! Stomach to die for!

  2. @twinma0454 no no! I actually didn’t reach my goal – I wanted to get to
    125lbs but my first half of R2 I wasn’t losing much at all and it sped up
    the second half – so weird! I skipped injections weekly, just went a little
    longer to use up the rest of my vile. I really didn’t lose much at the end
    and I knew my body was done! Thanks so much for the comments!!

  3. FANTASTIC!! May I ask where you got your hCG? and you did injections? I am
    planning on starting the hCG diet.. but am still deciding on where to go or
    what site to get it from! can you let me know where you got yours? You look
    AMAZING! how long were you on the hCG diet? Thanks~ 🙂

  4. Have you experienced any hair loss? I read a couple of forums and a lot of
    women wrote about losing hair even having bold spots.

  5. HEY GUYS!! Sorry I have been MIA! haven’t been on here in a while but yes I
    have kept most of the weight off! I have fluctuated a bit between 5-10lbs
    but ate pretty bad during the summer. I am starting another round soon and
    this time am going to reach and beat my goal of 125! I will post videos
    when I start!!

  6. did you workout while on the diet? and if so what did you do? i just
    started and i weigh 157 and would love to look like you afterwards. please
    give me any info you can. thanks a million.

  7. hi… thanks for post your videos. just start watching now.. could you
    please tell me where did you get your shots? i am not sure where is save to
    buy it.. lot os sites showing hcg to sell and i want to know where would be
    save to buy.. i am brasilian but i live in ireland. so dont know where i
    can get that in here in ireland. so the site would be better for me..Can
    you help me please?

  8. 56 days and only 25 lbs. I am on my 3rd day and I lost 14 lbs already. But
    of course im a man

  9. Did you cheat at all?…I have lost 10 lbs and I find myself cheating but
    not gaining…

  10. Did you mix veggies or use anything that isn’t on the original pounds and
    inches (regarding food) ?

  11. You look fantastic! I’ve lost 50+ lbs on the HCG diet and I’m going for my
    final round to lose my last 10-15 lbs. I don’t know what I would do without
    this wonderful diet! No other diet has worked and I’ve had thyroid problems
    that slow my weight loss through exercise. I recommend this diet to
    everyone I meet!

  12. what did you do about those horrible cravings with PMS? I am on my 23rd day
    and have lost a total 18 lbs put cheated because i cant beat the cravings.

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