HCG-Be Prepared and you will Succeed! P3 Day 6

Day 6 of stabilization! This morning I was .4 lbs above my lowest weight, and 2.6 lbs lower than my LIW (last injection weight). I feel great, but not very h…

14 thoughts on “HCG-Be Prepared and you will Succeed! P3 Day 6

  1. I’m on P3D32 and at 178.6 and my LIW was 179.4# so I’ve had no problem at
    all. Glad you are doing great!!!

  2. Great video! I favorited it so i can rewatch it when i get to p3. I didnt
    know you could have pinneapple?

  3. Hey, thanks for the update on P3. I am with you, I am eating when I am
    hungry only..and I haven’t had one apple in 25 days..LOL…the bonzai
    sounds great that you ordered! You look great, you’re doing great! I’m so
    excited to get going on P2 again really soon.. 🙂

  4. Looks like you’re doing great! Love your attitude about eating only when
    hungry. I’m going to be on vacation during P3 and looking so forward to
    eating out! 🙂

  5. Thanks! Have a great vacation – you’ll realize that you have plenty of
    choices on P3!

  6. Right!, I don’t want the stress of trying to figure out what adds up to
    what on this phase. It works for me! It sounds like it’s working for you
    too! Let us know when you start P2. I’ll be very interested to see how it

  7. Some people warn against eating fruits that are high in sugar, but I am not
    too worried about it. I figure everything in moderation! If I see a gain
    after eating something specific, I’ll let everyone know!

  8. Isn’t it great when you see that this protocol really works! It’s amazing.
    I so happy for you that you are doing well on P3. Keep it up!

  9. Thanks! Congrats on getting your HCG!!!!! Are you going to vlog!!!! Com’on!
    We want to see you!

  10. wow you can really see a difference in your face from your first video just
    a month ago! Congrats and good luck on your continuing weight loss!!!

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