Hcg and lipo lean video diary 2

Day 2 of HCG injections 2.

2 thoughts on “Hcg and lipo lean video diary 2

  1. Please do not continue with this dangerous 500 calorie starvation diet and
    dangerous hormone injections! Please read the articles about the HCG diet
    on the FDA website and the WebMD website. They will tell you what a
    dangerous fraud the HCG diet is! Instead, why not try an all-natural or
    mostly raw foods diet for a while? Eleminating chemical preservatives from
    your diet helps many people lose weight It’s not too late to change your
    mind and hopefully get a refund from that clinic!

  2. Good day! I’m Rachel.I did -45 lbs last 30 days.More here hddiet.gs\#wKV9

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