HCG Activator Diet Review 2012 -(updated Jan 2014)

Update Jan 2014: I ended up loosing more weight, not I am steady at 22 lbs off for over one year and going strong. Here is how I keep it off: Melba Toast: so…

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  1. Please don’t do it! Over and over again, HCG has been proven not to help
    with weight loss. People only lose because of the dangerously low calorie
    diet. All the people I know that tried the HCG diet were sorry they
    attempted it. They lost weight while they were starving on 500 calories a
    day, but as soon as the diet was finished, the weight came right back. And
    they were eating healthy. That extreme diet can mess up your metabolism
    for years!

  2. Update: Monday: Lost 1lb – first day at work with this diet and it was
    BRUTAL and I need to up this to an 800 calorie diet (instead of 500
    calorie) just to be able to work 9 hours and then hit the gym after.
    Tuesday: Lost 2lbs, not super impressed with the results but I am going to
    stick with this for a couple of weeks and give it a chance. Today my hunger
    was way manageable so thumbs up on that.

  3. I totally appreciate the concern but I am not on the 500 calorie diet, I’m
    on the 800 calorie version so I can factor in even more protein and
    veggies. For example, I’m having 1/2 can of tuna, 1/2 cup of cottage
    cheese, 9 shrimp and a 25 gram protein shake so that pretty amazing if you
    ask me, more protein than I used to eat for sure. So far on day 8 I lost 4
    lbs, that’s not very much unfortunately but I feel like I am on a good
    track right now. I hope to loose 1-15 max. Wish me luck!

  4. Day 8: down 4lbs on the 800 calorie diet and my workouts are going awesome,
    plenty of energy!

  5. Ive lost 40lbs and have been off only gained 3lbs back in 6 months. I
    recommend that you the diet it really work…

  6. GREAT NEWS: I finished the diet and I lost a total of 11 lbs out of the 14
    lbs I was trying to loose. I am now taking Raspberry Ketones and African
    Mango in the meantime (pure, no caffine or fillers). In three weeks I am
    going to do round 2 of HCG to loose the remaining 4lbs. Going on a 800-900
    calorie diet really helps put portion control in focus. This has been a
    great experience, before and after photos coming soon. Sharon

  7. Nov. 6th: LOST 14 lbs and its so easy now that I might shoot to loose
    another 5lbs. I am not taking Raspberry Ketones and African Mango since
    Oct. 3rd. Might go back for another round of HCG next week.

  8. UPDATE: Feb 16th After loosing 14, I gained back 3.5lbs and its driving me
    crazy that I can’t loose it (two weeks of trying.) You got to drink 8
    glasses of water and you got to ditch the flour products to keep your
    weight down. No bread, no pasta, no tortillias or chips! Also, I am usign
    the Fitbit Zip -and it’s amazing….google it and you will see how it keep
    your activity on track. Good luck, watch your calories and drink water.

  9. Sharon, I’m so glad to see someone else using HCG activator! last year,
    when I started this plan, I watched vlogs for hours and no one was using
    this! I used it in 2011 to lose 30 lbs, altho I knew nothing about
    details, cheated a lot, and didn’t know how to load or about the phases or
    how to reintroduce foods! So, I gained 10 lbs back over 2 yrs, sugar being
    my biggest problem, then stress hit and gained more! So, last year I got
    serious, watched many vlogs, and lost 45 lbs! I will upload my vlog
    experience soon. 

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