Hcg 1234 weight loss review!

This is my first vlog on my journey with HCG 1234 drops! I will be reviewing the product and my progress with a new vlog each day i’m on this diet including …

14 thoughts on “Hcg 1234 weight loss review!

  1. this video is soo cute lol , you had me giggling the whole time. very cool
    where are you at now?

  2. Well thank you! i’m at the same weight….with the holidays and all…I
    just couldnt help myself with all the delicious holiday meals -_- …But
    today I start again ….and the drops will be started tomorrow !

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  5. Hey Jen just saw a couple of ur videos and I’m wondering what site you
    purchased your hcg at?? Dis u have and headaches or anything? Thanks ! 🙂

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    hospital…and die.

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