HCG 1200 Calorie Diet Tips

http://escapethematrix.net/hcg Sam Katoa, ex-pro football player, explains how he lost 50 pounds on HCG EZ Drops. He also gives some great tips for those wan…

2 thoughts on “HCG 1200 Calorie Diet Tips

  1. wow thats amazing so how did you lose all 50 lbs cause im trying to lose
    50…so is this the best hcg diet? i want to do the 1200 calorie one

  2. Though your comment was posted some 10 months ago, I hope you were able to
    lose the 50 you’re trying to shed off. Anyhow, if not, I suggest you take
    heed of this man’s advice. He’s too honest to say when he tried shedding
    the extra pounds via going to the gym, he just got poofed and felt
    exausting himself everytime. He did not see himself finishing the course
    everyday like that. So, he was introduced to hcg diet, he was hesitant at
    first, but now, he’s lost the 50 and still at the gym, but more on the
    maintaining side of it. Check out the product here: http://hcgezdrops.com

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