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19 thoughts on “GET OFF YOUR CYCLE -PCT- RECOVERY for your BODY- PT1 – Rich Piana

  1. So what is the right amount of hcg and clomid? How long are you supposed to
    be on it when you’re off cycle? 

  2. The truth is, if you look like shit natural, you’ll look like shit on
    steroids. If you look great natural, you’ll look amazing on PEDs 

  3. My favorite channel. Respect the realness. Rich, what is your opinion on
    using hcg during a cycle as opposed to after?

  4. Yea, that’s how the steroid addiction actually works. Anabolic steroids
    ARE addictive. Honest man.

  5. Rich you’re more like Bane than Superman. Only that let’s say you have
    steroids pumping into your body constantly instead of gas like Bane.

  6. Steriods by themselves do not do it. You have to train.

  7. how long do you need to stay on the HCG & cloimid post cycle? Considering
    doing a 3 month stack of winny and test prop (first cycle) and dont plan on
    doing anything after but i dont want to drop like he describes.

  8. Hi Rich, would it make sense for a guy in his forties who doesn’t (yet, HRT
    will become necessary down the road) want to take steroids, to use HCG,
    clomid and maybe nolvadex? Would that work?

  9. 2cc of test and 1cc of deca for 4 weeks and then a 2 week cycle of winny
    how much hcg should be taken?? what would be a safe amount??

  10. so… I’m about to take Anadrol for 8 weeks now. If i stop taking it
    afterwards but still go to the gym 5x a week, will i lose a lot of size? I
    know i’ll be looking more lean but I’m just wondering :3

  11. what about dbol do i need nolvadex or will the dbol and milke thistle be
    great? do i need pct after my 4 week cycle of 30mg a day?

  12. I got two weeks left on my cycle went from 104 to 112 kilo mostly solid all
    round didnt hold as much water so i’m fairly happy with my gains wish it
    was more,but if your not a genetic freak then steroids are basically just a two boxes of nolvadex,Methoxy-7-Test is the testosterone
    support complex from PhD Nutrition,tri-plus anti estrogen tabs for my pct
    will pct for about 2 to 3 months.Pct is essential but most of us work
    normal jobs not like rich who lives the life we all want,cycling on and off
    travelling rd talking about training and getting tattoed lol.

  13. sorry rich disagree with this protocol you’ve thought up but hey keep doin
    it if it works for you to me hcg is useless for pct and useful during the
    last part of a cycle to transition me into pct…….common sense?

  14. if rich is not compete anymore. and will not have a noticeable shrink
    after off the cycle as he said. why he is on and off the cycle right now?
    he keeping use it for 25 years straight, if what he said are all true. i
    would imply he can quit it now, but he didnt, can i imply the test-e is
    additive( size matter, you will shrink a lot off the cycle for a long
    time?) ? thx for all comments. i never tried it. and i want to try or 1 or
    2 cycle. and maintain . i am so afraid the muscle will shrink pretty much
    to before.

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