For Folks Who Have High Blood Pressure You Will Find That Alcohol Is Not Your Best Option

Many men and women do not realize the health dangers in relation to the consumption of alcohol should they have high blood pressure levels. Research has been done that show that folks who do not drink alcohol have lower blood pressure levels as opposed to those who do. Obviously if you have high blood pressure to begin with the regular consumption of alcohol can make this even worse.

Simply because women normally have a lower tolerance to alcohol they are not able to drink more than one drink a day without exiting the safe zone. In the event the consumption of alcohol is increased over this level by both men and women, there is an impact on the flexibility of the blood vessels and this can certainly boost their blood pressure measurements towards dangerous levels.

Due to drinking habits, alcohol and blood pressure changes are causes of concern by doctors who deal with these hypertension patients. Yet another thing that can affect the high blood pressure is the extra calories will turn into extra fat on your body. In the event the blood pressure is elevated simply because of excessive weight, then further medication may need to be recommended to control the high blood pressure. To make things even worse most high blood pressure medicine has a bad reaction whenever combined with alcohol.

It’s been shown time and time again that lowering your consumption of alcohol can help with your elevated blood pressure. If people who have high blood pressure can’t stay away from alcohol completely, they should keep their drinking down to a minimum. As we mentioned earlier high blood pressure prescription medication can be negatively affected with consumption of alcohol. The alcohol itself can end up causing the medication to be stronger, and because of this you might find other medical issues arising.

If you be one of the people who suffer from high blood pressure and also have an issue with alcohol it would be smart to seek help for your alcohol addiction. Many doctors will tell you that you’re not permitted to drink any kind of alcohol when you are taking your medications, and this is really something that they tell you for your own good. For those of you who do not adhere to the instructions that the doctors give you, you might find that your high blood pressure gets worse rather than better. Alcohol addiction is a serious issue and you should also realize that help can be acquired to help you quit.

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