Follow These 10 Steps To Lose Weight

At first, fat loss can be an intimidating never ending battle for many people. The truth is losing weight can be boiled down to a few major factors that will determine your success or failure. In a nut-shell, the types of foods you consume, and the amount measured in calories is one big piece. The other key component is exercise, and exactly how many calories you’re burning off with your workouts.

As soon as you’re able to create a calorie deficit with these two factors, you shed pounds. It’s that straightforward. The tough part is having the willpower and determination to stick to your plan. Below are some straightforward guidelines on how to achieve fat reduction without gimmicks.

1) Calculate how many calories you body needs to consume to maintain your existing weight. This is called you maintenance calorie (search Google with “calorie needs” and you will find a few different online calculators that will help you with this)

2) Initially deduct 10% (to a maximum of 500 calories) off the total maintenance calories. Drastically cutting your calories will result in muscle and water loss – not fat loss.

3) Divide you calories over Five to six meals rather than 2-3. You should aim to eat every 3-4 hours. Always include protein in your small meals.

4) Cut out all simple carbohydrates such as white rice, flour, white bread, sweets, etc (after exercise, eat whole grain, high fiber foods instead.)

5) Train no less than Three times a week, doing 30 minutes of cardio to a reasonable level of intensity. A heart rate monitor may be a good investment as you can keep workouts in a safe heart zone based on your level of fitness. This helps to create the calorie deficit and encourage your body to get rid of fat.

6) Make simple replacements in your diet. You’ll be amazed at how these modifications can jump start weight loss such as choosing a natural sweetener like stevia in place of sugar, diet drinks or teas in place of full sugar drinks, use leaner cuts of meat etc. At first these changes may be difficult but you will get used to them and make vital calorie savings every day.

7) Stay well hydrated – at least 6-8 glasses of water every day – if you are dehydrated your body will be less efficient and will make fat reduction more difficult.

8) Aim to limit your carbohydrate intake (stick to the complex variety only, brown rice, whole wheat, etc), choose low fat options and consume a moderate amount of protein. From my experience the South Beach Diet is excellent.

9) Keep a food diary to keep track of the number of calories you are consuming – it is very easy to overeat.

10) Introducing supplements your diet can help to accelerate weight reduction. A diet rich in protein can help preserve muscle (more muscle means an increase in metabolism). There are also some weight loss supplements available which help boost your metabolism, this is useful as your metabolism may slow during extended periods of dieting.

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